‘Express Design Co.’ unveiled online, through social media

Abby Manternach, Express graphic designer, has been working hard to roll out the new Express Design Co. brand to help market the business’ print design products. Along with that came a Facebook page, website, and Etsy page. (Photo by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     While the Monticello Express has been in the graphic design and printing business for decades, they now have a new way in which to market its products near and far.

     Express Design Co. has now established a Facebook page (in addition to following and “liking” the Monticello Express, also on Facebook), and Etsy page showcasing our products, and a separate website tailored just to the Express’ design/printing products. (You can still read the Express online at www.monticelloexpress.com.)

     Express graphic designer and social media guru Abby Manternach, 24, took on the project of setting up the various accounts to reach a wider audience.

     “The change came about with the change in generations,” Manternach said. She’s been with the Express for almost two years. “Our generation is so quick to search or find something online, and we have a hidden treasure in the heart of Monticello that many people don’t know about.”

     Manternach, who’s taken on the task of designing graduation and wedding invitations, among many other design projects including advertising, said this allows the Express to showcase its work online.

     “It has always been in the back of my mind,” she said of bringing the business into the current generation. “We need an online presence to reach out to other generations and even others located outside of Monticello.”

     People who live locally have the advantage of stopping in to look through the Express’ design books or speak to someone in person about what they want to order. The online presence expands that customer base, in addition to e-mail.

     The Express’ main Facebook page has allowed followers to stay connected during a high school sporting event as the scores are updated on the spot. Following a game or community event, photos are then uploaded for people to “like” and share or tag themselves in. The Express also uses its main Facebook page to keep the community updated on local news.

     “Our Facebook page has become a way to reach out to people in Monticello and the surrounding areas,” said Manternach.

     With the addition of the “Express Design Co.” Facebook page, the Express can now showcase its design work printed locally.

     “In terms of the business, it now has become a useful way to use previous design work that we have created,” explained Manternach.

     In addition to the Facebook page, you can also order through the Express’ Etsy page: ExpressDesignCo (no spaces).

     Manternach had prior Etsy experience, so setting up the page was a breeze with a template.

     Etsy is a service for small businesses, much like the Express, to reach a wider audience than ever imagined.

     “Etsy is a page with unique products or designs that has more heart and soul put into them versus mass-produced products,” explained Manternach. “Etsy draws in customers from around the world, not just the U.S.”

     When placing an order through Etsy, online customers have a variety of ways to pay: credit/debit card, Apply Pay, PayPal, etc.

     “If you’re not comfortable with ordering/paying online, feel free to call the Express (319-465-3555) and speak with someone about ordering and payment options.”

     For those not familiar with Etsy, you can always visit the new design website: www.expressdesignco.com. This is a handy, online version of the Express’ design products that customers can customize based on the color scheme, font ideas, etc. they had in mind.

     “People from near and far can place an order,” said Manternach. “We can customize it for you, send you a proof, and once it’s ok, we’ll print them for you and have it delivered or shipped.” (Online customers can also choose the option to print from home after we’ve designed your digital file.)

     To package Express Design Co. as one, Manternach created a new logo, which appears on the Facebook, Etsy, and website pages.

     Aside from the print shop, Express Design Co. can also design company/business logos for those just starting out.

     “We can help get you up and running,” said Manternach.

     When it comes to marketing, the Express can produce a variety of materials: business cards, pens, brochures, postcards, etc.

     For those already-established business, there’s forms, notepads, cards, and any office supply you might need.

     Manternach said the Express could also help with one’s social media presence by creating online ads and graphics.

     For design products, proofs will be sent to customers within 24 hours (business days) to check over and revise if needed.

     “Once you have ordered, we will stay in contact with you until the order to complete and you are satisfied with your product,” said Manternach. “Never be afraid to ask us any questions; we value our customers and their input.”

     With so many platforms in which to market a business today, Manternach said beneficial to everyone.

     “Our print shop has been around for so long, but many do not know about us or what we have to offer,” she said. “It’s truly a hidden gem.”

     You contact Manternach at amanternach@monticelloexpress.com or Office Manager Darcey Spensley directly at dspensley@monticelloexpress.com with all of your office and printing needs.


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