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     The Jones County Central 4-H Club held its regular monthly meeting on Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017 at the Jones County Youth Development Center.

     The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Grace Lubben. Haven Baker led the Pledge of Allegiance. Secretary’s Report was given by Autumn Kirby. Maisie Paulsen moved to approve the Secretary’s Report and it was seconded by Grant Lubben; it passed by majority vote. Treasurer’s Report was given. Kirklen Kiburz moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Grant Lubben seconded it; it passed by majority vote. Roll call was – “Describe the word ‘Christmas’ using one word.” It was answered by 11 members. There were four leaders and 13 guests present.

     Old Business: Maisie Paulsen reported on the senior volleyball game which they didn’t win, but they had fun. Trista DeShaw reported that the junior team won one game, but lost two other games and everyone had a lot of fun. The club did really well at the awards day held at the Youth Development Center. Members won individual awards and the treasurer’s book, historian’s book, and reporter’s book were all recognized. The following members placed in the top 25 for All Around Youth Exhibitor: Sierra Lief was 23rd, Maisie Paulsen was 16th, Ericka Braden was 12th, Elizabeth Riniker was 7th, Krystynna Kirby was 6th, Zabrina Kirby was 5th, Autumn Kirby was 3rd, Koree Miller was 2nd, and Elizabeth Creveling was 1st.

     New Business: The club discussed whether to put a sum of money toward the gift bags that will be delivered to the Monticello Care Center as a Christmas gift to all residents. Maisie Paulsen moved to pay a sum of money toward the gifts and Grant Lubben seconded it; it passed by majority vote. The Christmas tree walk is Dec. 8-10 at the Lawrence Community Center; our theme for the tree is “Helping Hands.” The can and paper good donation drive will go to the Lawrence Community Center for allowing us to display our Christmas trees at the Christmas Tree Walk, Jones County Food Pantry, and Jones County Senior Dining Shut-Ins. The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Blank Children’s Hospital will be receiving Christmas cards, two tie knot blankets, three books, board games, coloring books with crayons, and activity books. The club was given a family of two children; each child is receiving an outfit, hat and gloves, pajamas and a toy, along with a necessities basket for the entire family. There was eight cookie platters distributed through our community to show our appreciation to businesses that contribute to the 4-H program in Jones County throughout the year. These businesses were Fidelity Bank and Trust in Monticello and Anamosa, Edgewood Locker, The Jones County Extension Office, Trott’s Trophies, Monticello Vet Clinic, Cascade Livestock, Farm Bureau, and the Lawrence Community Center. Beef weigh-in will be held Dec. 23 at Kirkwood Community College, Tippie Beef Center in Cedar Rapids for any market beef animal that will be possibly shown at the Iowa State Fair or AKSARBEN. For any market beef animals that are only going to be shown at county level this weigh in will be held Dec. 30 at the Cascade Sale Barn.

     The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m. by Grace Lubben with the 4-H Pledge being led by Zabrina Kirby.

     A presentation was given by Grace Lubben – Foreign Exchange Student from Armenia.

     The rest of the evening centered around making tie-blankets, signing Christmas Cards, wrapping presents, putting gift bags together, playing Christmas games, and a club family potluck.

     The next meeting will be held at the Lawrence Community Center on Jan. 7, 2018 with Master Gardeners as our guest speaker and they will be instructing the members on how to make table centerpieces for the care center.

 – Trista DeShaw, reporter




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