Oxford Happy Hustlers

     The regular meeting of the Oxford Happy Hustlers was held Aug. 5th, 2018 at 1 p.m. at Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church.

     Meeting was called to order by president Nicole Guenther. Roll Call was: “What was your favorite food at the fair?” All members answered. Three members, one guest and two leaders were present. Secretary reports were given. Treasurer's report was given. Committee reports were given on evaluation day, livestock show, food stand and cake walk.

     Old business – Record book is due the first day of school (Aug. 23).

     New Business – Invite new members, premium awards, clippings.

     Motion to adorn the meeting was by Alexis Payne and second by Lillian Strait. The next meeting will be Sept. 2 at 1 p.m.

– Lillian Strait, reporter


Scotch Grove Challengers

     The regular meeting of the Scotch Grove Challengers was held at the Monticello Renaissance Center Aug. 5, 2018.

     President Tommy Dirks called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m., and the roll call topic was, “Tell us one exhibit at the fair and how you did.” Joseph Schrader led the Pledge of Allegiance. Will Wolken read the secretary’s report. There were no additions or corrections. Joseph Schrader made the motion to approve the secretary’s report, and Davin Wickman seconded. Motion carried. Kacie Rickels provided the treasurer’s report. Davin Wickman made the motion to approve the treasurer’s report, and Steven Bader seconded. Motion carried.

     New business: Election of officers was held. Kristin Roher was elected president. Tommy Dirks was elected vice president. Tate Jesenovec was elected secretary. Kacie Rickels was elected treasurer. Lilly Stoll and Paige Rickels were elected co-photographers. Joseph Schrader was elected reporter. Keziah McQuillen, Kinzi Schlarmann and Haili Schlarmann were elected co-activity coordinators. Rylee Fleming was elected historian.

     Our club tied for first place with seven other clubs as winners of the Healthy Living Challenge. A total of 120 clubs participated. We will be recognized at the state fair Aug. 11. Steven Bader will represent our club.

     Our booth received a blue ribbon, and our flower pot received best composition at the fair. Members were reminded to write thank-you notes to fair sponsors of awards.

     The club discussed feedback from the fair and provided suggestions for next year. Record books are due by Aug. 31. There will be two workshops, on Aug. 14 and 19 at the Extension office, to work on record books.

     The club voted to schedule its September meeting on the 9th and its February 2019 meeting on the 10th.

     Members were reminded to select a month to complete presentations. We will need 4-5 members at each meeting.

     There will be a wedding cleanup Aug. 19 at 8 a.m.

     Reminder that if you have Show-Rite feed tags, turn them into Katie Stoll for a club donation.

     Davin Wickman made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Joseph Schrader. Davin Wickman led the Pledge to the 4-H Flag. The meeting ended at 6:55 p.m.

– Joseph Schrader, reporter




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