Almost Famous earns awards at Midwest Starz Nationals

Participants from Almost Famous Dance Studio in the Midwest Starz Nationals include, first row from left: Brooklynn Meyer, Grace Harms, Morgan Ward, Saige Freeze, Lauren Mitchel, Tessa Intorf and Sadie Erion. Second row: Kyla Ramler, Abigail Sharlow, Kaylin Noll, Meredith Parker, Cameron Vargason, Myra Wilson, Kaylee Hollenback, Amya Wolf, Keyonna Wolf and Bree Erion. Third row: Kendra Davis, Seneca Freeze, Ashlynn Brown, Sydney Freeze, Allie Riches, Kirstyn Miller, Madison Ward, Haley Hansen and Arrianna Jones. Fifth row: Samantha Recker, Brady Theisen, Jessica Smock, Kinzey Bottelman, Madison Johnson, Paige Ungs, Addie Feldmann, Kelsey Adams, Claire Tuetken, Val Meyer and Leah Smith. Fifth row: Kate Tuetken, Emma Brighton, Ally Bartachek, Anisa Krouse, Shelby Koehler, Melissa Davis, Madisan Birt, Nicole Smith, Megan Smith, Shelbie Reyhons and Kaitlin Guyer. (Photo submitted)

     The Almost Famous Competition Team attended the Midwest Starz National Dance Competition June 13-17 in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. The competition team earned numerous judges choice, and overall awards.

     In the Intermediate Mini Solo Division, Kyla Ramler placed 9th overall, and Keyonna Wolf placed 4th overall. In the Elite Mini Solo Division, Sadie Erion placed 5th overall. In the Mini Duo/Trio Division, Kyla Ramler and Sadie Erion placed 3rd overall with their duo, Weather Girls.

     In the Intermediate Junior Solo Division, Myra Wilson placed 14th overall. In the Junior Small Group Division, the routine “Believe” placed 2nd overall, and then 1st overall. The Intermediate Junior Group routines “Music In Me” placed 2nd overall, and “Schoolin Life” placed 1st overall. In the Intermediate Junior Line Division, the routine “Move” placed 4th overall, and then 3rd overall.

     In the Intermediate Teen Solo Division, Tori Bettcher placed 9th overall, Addie Feldmann placed 8th overall, and Leah Smith placed 2nd overall, and then 2nd overall. In the Elite Teen Solo Division, Brady Theisen placed 14th overall. In the Intermediate Teen Duo/Trio Division, Allie Riches and Leah Smith placed 5th overall with their duo, “Le Jazz Hot.” In the Elite Teen Duo/Trio Division, Kirstyn Miller and Sydney Freeze placed 5th overall with their duo, “Skin and Bones.” In the Intermediate Teen Group Division, the routines I’ve Got Rhythm placed 4th overall, “Hanging By A Thread” placed 2nd overall, and “Come Together” placed 1st overall, and then 1st overall.

     In the Intermediate Senior Solo Division, Shelby Koehler placed 14th overall, Kaitlin Guyer placed 13th overall, Ally Bartachek placed 5th overall, and Megan Smith placed 3rd overall and then 3rd overall. In the Elite Senior Solo Division, Melissa Davis placed 17th overall, and Kate Tuetken placed 16th overall. In the Intermediate Senior Duo/Trio Division, Ally Bartachek and Anisa Krouse placed 1st overall and 2nd overall with their duo, “This Women’s Work.” In the Intermediate Senior Group Division the routines “Stairway To Heaven” placed 2nd overall, and “Ain’t No Sunshine” placed 1st overall, and then 3rd overall.

     Almost Famous is directed by Amanda Hackney and Melissa Ehrisman, and assisted by Andrea Davis and Kaitlyn Hunt. If you are interested in joining the award-winning team, please contact the studio via phone at 319-465-4111, or email at



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