Almost Famous goes to TOP


     Almost Famous Dance Studio attended the Talent on Parade (TOP) Dance Competition in Davenport in May.

     Its competition team received numerous overall awards, as well as judge’s choice awards.

     A list of award-winners follows.

     Intermediate age 7-8 soloists: Tessa Intorf, 4th place; and Sadie Erion, 1st place. Sadie Erion also received a judge’s choice award for her routine.

     Intermediate 9-10 soloists: Myra Wilson, 10th place; Arrianna Jones, 9th place; Alexis Gaspie, 8th place; and Seneca Freeze, 7th place.

     Intermediate 11-12 soloists: Samantha Recker took 1st place overall.

     Competitive 9-10 soloists: Grace Harms took 5th place, and Kendra Davis took 4th place overall.

     Competitive level 11-12 soloists: Addie Feldmann, 7th place; Paige Ungs, 6th place; and Claire Tuetken took 2nd place overall.

     Intermediate Teen Soloists: Allie Riches, 9th place; Kaitlin Guyer, 6th place; Lilli Wessels, 5th place; Emily Bonert, 3rd place; and Megan Smith, 1st place.

     Intermediate Senior Soloists: Shelby Koehler took 2nd place, and Shelbie Reyhons took 1st place overall. Shelby Koehler received a judge’s choice award.

     Competitive Teen Soloists: Madisan Birt, 8th place; Brady Theisen, 6th place; and Leah Krantz, 3rd place overall. Sydney Freeze and Leah Krantz each earned a judge’s choice award for their solos.

     Competitive Senior Soloists, age 15-16: Melissa Davis and Kate Tuetken both tied for 2nd place. Kate Tuetken received a judge’s choice award.

     Competitive Level Senior Soloists, age 17-19: Madison Decker took 5th place, and Taylor Fishnick took 4th place.

     Duos, 6 and under: Saige Freeze and Skylar Freeze took 2nd place.

     Intermediate 7-8 duos: Sadie Erion and Kyla Ramler took 2nd place.

     Intermediate 9-10 duos: Seneca Freeze and Myra Wilson took 3rd pace overall.

     Duos 9-12: Addie Feldmann and Samantha Recker took 9th place, Ashlynn Brown and Madison Ward took 7th place, Claire Tuetken and Sydney Freeze took 4th place, and Grace Harms and Kendra Davis took 2nd place overall.

     Duos 13-14: Melissa Davis and Kendra Davis took 2nd place, and Leah Krantz and Brady Theisen took 1st place overall. Melissa and Kendra Davis won a judge’s choice award for their duo.

     Routines 6-and-under: “Splish Splash” took 2nd place overall.

     Small Group Routines, 7-8: “Locomotion” took 4th place overall, and “Toy Story” took 2nd place overall.

     Intermediate level Small Group Routines, 9-10: “Bugle Boy” took 4th place, “God Bless America” took 3rd place, “Unsteady” took 2nd place, and “Home” took 1st place overall.

     Competitive Small Group Routines, 9-10: “Like a Prayer” 10th place, “Look Up”, 4th place, “Chain of Fools”, 3rd place, and “Gold Party Squad” took 1st overall. “Chain of Fools” earned a Judges Choice Award, and “Gold Party Squad” earned a Choreography Award.

     Competitive Large Group Routines: “Bollywood” took 3rd place overall, and “Fire” took 1st place overall.

     Competitive Line Routines, 9-10: “Fergalicious” took 1st place overall and earned a Judges Choice Award. For our Competitive level Senior Large Group Routines: “Girl in The Show” took 2nd place, and “Prayers For a Cure” took 1st place overall. “Prayers For a Cure” also earned a Judges Choice Award.

     Competitive Senior Small Group Routines: “Right On” took 2nd place overall.

     Intermediate Senior Small Group Routines: “Rivers and Roads” took 2nd place, and “Body Language” took 1st place overall.

     Competitive Level Line Routines, 13-14: “RiRi” took 1st place overall.

     As a studio, Almost Famous earned the Showmanship Award and the Technique Award. Megan Smith won a Photogenic Award, and Arrianna Jones competed in the Charity Dance Off, and won that overall. Taylor Fishnick, Leah Krantz, and Claire Tuetken all earned Top Starz Awards.

     Almost Famous Dance Studio is under the direction of Amanda Hackney and Melissa Ehrisman. Assistant coaches are Andrea Davis and Kaitlyn Tuel. Registrations are being taken for the 2017-18 dance/tumble season. For information, check out our website at



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