Ambulance Service continues to see COVID calls

Staff report

     Monticello Ambulance Administrator Britt Smith released the service activity for the Monticello Ambulance Service for the month of December.

     Total EMS calls for service: 76 (48 to City of Monticello addresses, 11 to Monticello Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, seven to Jones County addresses within the Monticello service area, three Jones Regional Medical Center transfers, and seven to Anamosa city addresses due to the Anamosa Ambulance Service being unavailable to respond)

     “December was another busy month, with higher than normal amounts of medical calls,” reported Smith. “Early within the month, several (calls) were attributed to COVID-19, but as the month progressed, we saw a significant amount of medical assist calls that did not result in a transport of a patient.”

     The MEMT (Monticello Emergency Medical Team) mailed out its annual fundraising letter that was distributed through the Monticello Express. Money raised will be used for future equipment purchases and set-aside for a new ambulance.

     Smith said he’s prepared a presentation for area township trustees using the 2020 call-for-service data, and plans to present the data to eight townships that the Monticello Ambulance Service serves in Jones, Linn, and Delaware counties.

     “We hope to receive another increase from the increase we received the previous year,” Smith said of their funding.


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