Anamosa business wants dangerous intersection open

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

Owners of Shada Trucking in Anamosa, Chuck and Conrad Shada, would like to see the Highway 151/Old Dubuque Road intersection remain open. 

During the Dec. 17 Jones County Supervisor meeting, the Shadas expressed their reasoning to the board, as well as County Engineer Derek Snead. 

The county and City of Anamosa would like to see the dangerous intersection closed. A public hearing on the matter was previously set for Jan. 9 at 7 p.m. 

“We have two vital businesses there between the two of us,” said Chuck. “If you close the road, do you know what this would do to our business as far as getting trucks in and out? 

“I know it’s a dangerous intersection, but things can be done,” he said in terms of improving the safety of the area. “Human error causes accidents. I don’t think that’s a cause to close the intersection and put businesses in jeopardy.” 

The Shadas said their trucks cannot be rerouted through Anamosa because of the sharp turns at other intersections. 

“There’s no other good way to get trucks in,” said Conrad. 

Chuck said most of their cattle trucks leave their operation and head north, which is why the Old Dubuque Road intersection is the easiest route. 

“We want to get along with the city and the county, but we also want you to see our point. We pay pretty good taxes,” added Chuck. “We’ll be in a hell of a jam.” 

He suggested bigger signs, cameras, and more lights, which would aid in the safety of the intersection. 

“We need to slow them (drivers) down,” said Conrad. 

“People need to stop and look,” added Chuck. 

Snead informed the board that he scheduled a conference call with the DOT for Dec. 19. He invited the supervisors if they wanted to be present. 

Snead said he had several suggestions for the DOT concerning a possible frontage road extension. He said there are safety funds available for projects like this. 

“It’s hard to put a value on this because there are so many different options out there,” Snead said. 

However, a low-cost paved frontage road connection would look to be relatively reasonable, Snead suggested. 

“It depends on what is all involved,” he added. 

In connection to the Shadas’ idea of slowing down traffic, Supervisor Joe Oswald said the 55mph signs at Springville do very little to slow the speed of drivers. 

“You have a large range of different speeds going through there,” Snead said. “It affects your depth of perception.” 

He said the DOT “is very open” to the idea of eliminating accidents at the Old Dubuque Road intersection. 


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