Area veterans awarded Quilts of Valor

Nine area veterans received Quilts of Valor on Monday, Nov. 12, in honor of Veterans Day. The presentation took place at the Monticello Veterans Hall during their annual soup supper. From left are George Tobiason, Dave Tobiason, Marv Schneider, Glenn Tobiason, Penny Schoon, Bruce Ellis, Charlie Rigby, Gilbert Becker, and Denny Fear. George Tobiason was also acknowledged for 50 continuous years of membership with the American Legion. (Photos by Kim Brooks)

Brothers Glenn and Dave Tobiason were among the recipients of Quilts of Valor last week. The local veterans were honored for their sacrifice.
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     On Monday, Nov. 12, in honor of Veterans Day (Nov. 11), nine area veterans were awarded Quilts of Valor. The presentation took place at the Monticello Veterans Hall during their annual soup supper.

     Family members and friends were on hand to congratulate the veterans on the honor.

     Those who received quilts, symbols of their sacrifice for this country, were:

     • George Tobiason

     • Dave Tobiason

     • Marv Schneider

     • Glenn Tobiason

     • Penny Schoon

     • Bruce Ellis

     • Charlie Rigby

     • Gilbert Becker

     • Denny Fear

     “There are a lot of fellas here I could share this with,” commented Ellis upon receipt of his quilt.

     Each quilt was individually made for each of the veterans. The predominant colors in the quilts are red, white and blue.

     Those presenting the Quilts of Valor were Kim Tauke, Pat Tauke, Sue Maloney, Deb Jaeger, and Linda Benke.

     “The Quilt of Valor’s mission is to cover all of our warriors and veterans who have been touched by war with our healing and comforting,” read Kim Tauke, who led the presentation.

     Quilts of Valor (QOV) started over a decade ago following the dream of a Blue Star mom, Catherine Roberts of Delaware, whose son, Nat, was deployed in Iraq. Roberts had a dream of a young soldier, sitting on the side of his bed, hunched over, is a state of despair. Then, in her dream, she saw the young man wrapped in a quilt and his demeanor changed instantly to hope. The message: Quilts provide a feeling of healing.

     “It was her desire to see that deployed warriors were welcomed home with the love and gratitude they deserved,” shared Tauke.

     According to the QOV website, “A Quilt of Valor says unequivocally, ‘Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and valor’ in serving our nation in combat.”

     Tauke said the QOV Foundation links quilt-toppers with machine quilters in a national effort to achieve Roberts’ goal “of covering all returning service man and women touched by war.

     “These wartime quilts, called Quilts of Valor, are a tangible reminder of America’s appreciation and gratitude,” said Tauke.

     Since 2003 when the mission began, QOV has grown to honor all who have served at home and abroad.

     “QOV are stiched with love, prayers, and healing thoughts,” added Tauke. “Our service men and women who step forward to put their lives on the line to serve and protect our country are awarded this tangible token of appreciation that says, ‘Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and valor.’”

     Today, over 200,000 quilts have been awarded to service members nationwide. All QOF are registered through an online database. Each is personalized with the veteran’s name, years of service, branch, rank, and a brief history of his/her military service. Tauke said there are also specifications as to the size and material that can be used.

     “They are never to be sold or thrown away,” she explained. “They are to be passed on to your family.”

     As each quilt was awarded, the women not only thanked the veterans individually for their service, but wrapped the quilt around their shoulders and gave each a hug.

     “In the quilting world, this is your Purple Heart from us,” said Tauke. “If you were overseas or never left the U.S. shores, you stepped up and made the sacrifice by signing your name on the dotted line to serve and protect our country in whatever means you were asked.”

     The local QOV group does accept donations to help them in their goal of providing quilts to all area veterans on an annual basis. To donate, contact Kim Tauke at or 319-480-1522.



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