Artist’s prints help raise money for Camp Courageous

Artist Greg Bordignon painted this image of the backside of Durgin Pavilion at Camp Courageous over a year ago. The painting has now been turned into prints to help raise money for Camp Courageous.

Bordignon looks over his print of Durgin Pavilion before multiple reprints are made at Julin Printing. Bordignon and Camp Courageous Facilities Director James Kurth signed off on the project last week. Standing in the background are Julin Sales Manager Jamie Thompson, press operator Adam Farmer, and Kurth.
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

Famed area artist Greg Bordignon of Robins, Iowa, is turning his artwork into a fundraiser. 

In late-July/early-August 2018, Bordignon visited Camp Courageous, with a goal of painting a building at Camp and donating the proceeds to Camp. 

Bordignon’s long-time friend and Camp board member Jeff Pitlik introduced him to Camp Courageous. 

The two are also heavily involved in Pheasants Forever. 

Once Bordignon laid eyes on the Durgin Pavilion next to Camp’s Lake Todd, he knew he wanted to showcase the facility in his painting. So, Bordignon took several pictures of the building from various angles. His painting showcases the backside of the pavilion, not what most people see from the road (190th Street). 

The painting also includes Lake Todd, the walking bridge, the Camp train, and a windmill. 

“I brought stuff together to look appealing,” he said of merging several photos together. 

Bordignon is known for his outdoorsy works of art. He’s painted several pieces for Pheasants Forever fundraisers, typically featuring wildlife. 

Once he’s done with his work, Julin Printing assists in making prints of Bordignon’s paintings. 

In this case, the prints will be sold by Camp Courageous in an effort to raise money for various projects. A total of 330 19-by-38-inch prints will be made at Julin. Thirty of them will be limited edition artist proofs and sold for $100. The remaining 300 will be sold for $75. 

There will also be about 2,000 post-card-size prints made available at $5 each. 

All of the prints will be signed by Bordignon, and made available before the New Year. 

“I like realistic landscapes,” said Bordignon. “And this came out great.” 

He used acrylics, which dry slower, allowing him to blend colors if needed. The original was painted on untempered Masonite, and took Bordignon just three weeks to complete. He worked roughly three to four hours a day. 

“I’ve always enjoyed painting wildlife and the outdoors,” he said, referencing his first painting in 1992. 

Bordignon’s original will hang inside Durgin Pavilion for all to enjoy. 

Charlie Becker, Camp’s director, and James Kurth, facilities director, were both present at Julin Printing last week to sign off on the project. Kurth has been taking the lead on this particular fundraiser. 

For those who purchase one of Bordignon’s prints and wish to have it framed, Kurth said Kyle’s framing in Marion is offering 50 percent off framing and matting for any prints brought into their store. 

To find out more information on purchasing one of Bordignon’s prints, contact Camp Courageous at 319-465-5916. 


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