Auditor’s Office stays on top of county grants

Board of Supervisors
Staff report

     As if the County Auditor’s Office has not been busy enough in a General Election season during a nationwide pandemic, staff has also been pursuing and keeping track of numerous grants the county has been awarded.

     The grants thus far total $739,119.

     Three grants from the Secretary of State’s Office have been awarded, totaling $24,400. Sulzner noted that there could be an additional $2,800 coming as well. All of this funding assists the county in conducting a safe General Election when it comes to proper public health measures for poll workers and public.

     The county was also awarded an Iowa Local Government Relief grant of $262,194. A portion of that will be used to cover 25 percent of the Sheriff’s Office payroll from March 1 through July 31.

     The county was also the recipient of a Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program (COAP) grant in the amount of $393,525. Only three counties in the State of Iowa are part of the program: Jones, Story, and Black Hawk. The state was awarded approximately $1.7 million to be divided among the three counties.

     Sulzner said $1,969.36 would be submitted on a monthly basis to cover expenses associated with the program, which is the “implementation and study of drug diversion to treatment programs.”

     Jones County also has access to an unlimited COVID-19 FEMA grant, having spent $122,236 to date.

     Sulzner was also awarded a grant totaling $9,507 from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). This can also be used for election-related purposes.


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