Awards event closes Monti's 2021 season

The Monticello High School softball team held its awards event July 19 in the MHS Commons. Monticello’s All-Conference players, from left: Reese Cox, Mallory Steiner, Jaelyn Aitchison and Tori McDonald. (Photos courtesy of Kim McQuillen)

Earning team awards, from left: Sami McElmeel, Mallory Steiner, Jaelyn Aitchison, DeLainy Fellinger, Brea Stahlberg and Tori McDonald.

     Four all-conference players and numerous others were recognized as the Monticello High School softball team held its annual awards event July 19 in the MHS Commons.

     The Panthers improved to 15-19 on the season under head coach Bret McDonald after winning just two games in the 2020 campaign.

     A list of award-winners follows.



     River Valley All-Conference –

     North Division Team: Reese Cox, senior; Tori McDonald, senior; Jaelyn Aitchison, sophomore.

     Honorable Mention: Mallory Steiner, junior.

     Most Valuable Player – Tori McDonald, senior.

     Most Improved Player – Brea Stahlberg, sophomore.

     Best Offensive Player – Mallory Steiner, junior.

     Best Defensive Player – Jaelyn Aitchison, sophomore.

     Rookie of the Year – Sami McElmeel, freshman.

     Panther Pride – DeLainy Fellinger, senior.

     Golden Glove (.950 or higher fielding percentage) – Tori McDonald, senior; Piper Hansen, junior; Mallory Steiner, junior; Brea Stahlberg, sophomore; Sami McElmeel, freshman; Keziah McQuillen, freshman.

     Silver Slugger (.300 or higher batting average) – Tori McDonald, senior; Mallory Steiner, junior; Jaelyn Aitchison, sophomore; Sami McElmeel, freshman.

     Academic All-Conference –

     Seniors: Reese Cox, DeLainy Fellinger, Tori McDonald.

     Juniors: Piper Hansen.

     Sophomores: Jaelyn Aitchison, Madison Butterworth, Katie Roher, Brea Stahlberg.

     Freshmen: Jordan Fangmann, Sami McElmeel, Keziah McQuillen, Lauren Verhagen.


     Best Offensive Player – Lauren Verhagen, freshman.

     Best Defensive Player – Kendra Mescher, freshman.

     Most Improved Player – Kinzi Schlarmann, freshman.

     Panther Pride – Kendall Ruden, junior; Kayla Simmons, junior.


     Best Offensive Player – Madilynn Kromminga, eighth-grader.

     Best Defensive Player – Jayden Kuper, eighth-grader.

     Most Improved Player – Lydia Ahlrichs, eighth-grader.

     Panther Pride – Raegan LaGrange, freshman.



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