B.E. Fitness offers fall weight-loss challenge

Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     B.E. Fitness and Training Center in Monticello is offering something new for the community… “Fall into Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.”

     Enrollment into the program is $75, which is equivalent to two months’ membership at B.E. Fitness. If you successfully lose 10 pounds between by the Dec. 28 weigh-out, you can either choose to get your money back or invest it toward another two months at the fitness center.

     “We wanted to give everyone a fair advantage,” said Andrea Hall, B.E. Fitness Center manager. She said rather than just have a top three list of winners, everyone has the chance to lose 10 pounds. “It’s not based on body percentage.”

     Weigh-ins began Oct. 30, but you still have time to enter the contest. Additional weigh-in dates/times include:

     • Nov. 1, 10 a.m. to noon or 2 to 8 p.m.

     • Nov. 4, 8 to 10 a.m.

     The weight-loss contest runs through the end of December. Weigh-out times include:

     • Dec. 27 and 28, 10 a.m. to noon or 2 to 8 p.m.

     You can also contact Hall during office hours at B.E. Fitness to schedule your weigh-in and weigh-out if you cannot make the scheduled times. Hall encourages participants to weigh in and out at roughly the same time of day to maintain a fair advantage.

     She said aside from capturing people’s weight, participants’ height, BMI, and body measurements will also be recorded.

     “As people lose weight, they also lose inches,” explained Hall. She said for some, that might also be a goal, and B.E. wants all challenge participants to succeed.

     Hall said the decision to have the weight-loss contest before the busy holiday season is to encourage people to get ahead of their New Year’s resolutions.

     “It’s not about the resolution, but it’s about a lifestyle change,” she said. “Most people set resolutions and don’t follow through.”

     Hall added that she also wants people to realize they can eat during the holidays, but in a healthy manner.

     As for the 10-pound loss, she said it’s a healthy goal.

     “Generally losing 2 pounds a week is a healthy weight loss,” added Hall. “The more gradually you lose weight, the more likely you’ll keep it off.”

     She said people who are physically active and eat healthy sleep better and tend to have more energy during the day.

     “I want to give people the tools and incentives to get active and make some lifestyle changes,” encouraged Hall.

      In addition to free use of the fitness center during the two-month weight-loss program, all B.E. members and contest participants can take part in any group fitness class free of charge. The classes include: PiYo, Les Mills BodyPump, Boot Camp, Yoga, Kickboxing, and more.

     “If the classes fill up,” said Hall, “we’d love to expand our class times. A boost in class size provides more motivation for the participants.”

     To take part in the classes, simply check out B.E. Fitness’ schedule to sign up using the free MINDBODY app or visit their website at https://befitnesstc.com/.

     Drop-in class participants will be asked to pay $5 for the class.

     For those who are already members of B.E. Fitness and wish to take part in the contest, your monthly gym membership will be suspended for the duration of the contest.

     Another reason behind the weight-loss challenge, Hall offered, is to get people in the door at the fitness center, give them a taste for what’s offered before starting those New Year’s resolutions.

     “January through March is typically our busiest time of the season,” said Hall. “I want people to find value in coming to the gym, enjoy our classes, and continue to come.”

     For questions about the Fall into Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, contact Hall at 319-465-6683.


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