Bids come in for courthouse AC project

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

Bids were quite favorable for the county’s continued courthouse renovation project. 

During the Oct. 22 Jones County Supervisor meeting, the board held a public hearing and approved the plans and specifications for the heating/air conditioning retrofit project. 

They received two bids: 

• Meyer Mechanical Contracting in Dyersville, $147,670 

• Modern Piping in Cedar Rapids, $227,360 

The project estimate was $288,000. 

The board held off on awarding a bid until Shive-Hattery, project engineer, has time to review the bids. 

“We appreciate all of the work that went into this,” complimented Supervisor Ned Rohwedder. “It’s very thorough.” 

In other county business: 

The board approved a request from the City of Monticello to abate taxes on property acquired by the city for the new yard waste/compost site. The total abatement was $98. 

• IT Coordinator Lisa Mootz and JETS Director Jamie Ginter met with the board to discuss an issue with the Internet for the new JETS facility in Monticello. 

In September, the board approved a contract with Mediacom for high-speed Internet, choosing to cancel their contract with CenturyLink. 

Mootz reported during the Oct. 22 meeting that there would be an $8,400 installation fee from Mediacom. 

“The installation fee was subject to change after a site visit,” warned Mootz, noting that she didn’t think it would be that high. 

That led Mootz and Ginter to rethink their service with CenturyLink. Mootz said CenturyLink can offer a higher speed than what is currently installed, and the county can cancel their contract with Mediacom. 

The Internet service with CenturyLink would be $360 a month. The board approved the new contract. 

• County Engineer Derek Snead informed the board that Secondary Roads would have an open motor grader position. One of their operators plans to take over the sign position after Bill Crowley’s retirement. 


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