Blue Cut Trailblazers see great future in Jones Co.

It’s been a year since the Blue Cut Trailblazers formed in Jones County. The club saw 68 members in its first year. The ATV/UTV club has a goal of promoting local tourism, with several big dreams of statewide events. (Photos submitted)

The club went off-roading on trails in Jackson County recently. Blue Cut Trailblazers would like to see a similar trail system for ATVs established in Jones County.
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Jones County’s ATV/UTV club has had a fantastic first year!

     The Blue Cut Trailblazers officially formed a year ago, ending their first year with 68 members. (Memberships expire at the end of April.)

     Despite COVID-19 impacting their in-person meetings and membership drive going into their second year, club president Bobby Krum of Amber said the pandemic didn’t really stop them from enjoying outdoor adventures.

     “People can still social distance as they ride and enjoy the outdoors,” Krum said.

     Throughout the year, the club travels county roads and patronizes rural restaurants and bars. Despite not being able to eat inside, they still showed their support by ordering carry-outs.

     “We want to support local businesses,” Krum said, one of the main reasons he sought a county ordinance and formation of an ATV club: tourism.

     “We want people to spend money in Jones County,” he said. “We want to bring people here from other communities and other clubs in Jackson, Delaware, and Cedar counties.”

     Blue Cut Trailblazers continues to grow its membership, with a yearly fee of only $15. The fees help offset the printing cost for full-color maps the club had printed to showcase where they can legally ride and various points of interest throughout Jones County.

     “We have equal club membership across the county,” Krum said of members from every town.

     In mid-June, the club took a ride into Jackson County and visited two roadside parks and rode on private trails as part of Hansen Hollows and River Ridge. This includes over 400 acres of trails specifically for ATV riders.

     “We rode all day Saturday and Sunday,” said Krum.

     Since Jones County passed its ATV ordinance, Linn and Dubuque counties have also jumped on board. Delaware and Jackson counties already established their ordinances.

     “Now every county around us had an ordinance,” Krum said, showcasing a state map to illustrate his point.

     Ideally, Krum would like to see a uniform statewide ordinance, rather than each county having its own set of rules.

     “I’ve been talking to our legislators,” he said. “Sixty-six out of 99 counties have some sort of ordinance, all with different rules.”

     He would also like to see cities/towns allow ATVs/UTVs inside city limits so they can patronize other businesses.

     “I’ve been working with Rep. Andy McKean to allow us on Highway 38 inside Monticello,” Krum said. “38 is the same as traveling Amber Road.” (Both being two-lane roadways with lower speed limits.)

     During the spring, when people were hunkered down due to COVID-19, Blue Cut Trailblazers did have a couple of fundraisers planned, which they plan to reschedule.

     They did host an outdoor movie drive-in event at the Amber Community Club, something the club hopes to do again.

     Blue Cut also held a couple of cash mob events where a dozen or so ATV riders pulled up to a rural business and spent anywhere from $10 to $20 inside.

     “We’d like to partner with local chambers and do it again,” Krum suggested.

     One of their big dreams though, and Krum’s, is to establish an ATV trail system in Jones County, partnering with local landowners to do so. Krum said with the great parks and wildlife areas in Jones County, it could be a great asset.

     “Timber riding, water crossings, off-road areas,” described Krum. “We’d help maintain the trails and invite people here versus riding county roads.”

     On July 12, the club is partnering with Animal Welfare Friends Shelter in Monticello for a benefit ride. Donations, dog/cat supplies, would go to the shelter.

     “We’re starting at the shelter and plan to hit some of the small towns along the way,” explained Krum. “We want to do a big loop around the county.”

     Krum said he wants people to recognize the club in a positive light as an organization that wants to promote the county and do some good.

     Another bucket list item: a ride across the state. Krum describes it as a RAGBRAI for ATV/UTV riders. However, he said that wouldn’t happen until there is a statewide ordinance.

     You can follow all of the Blue Cut Trailblazer happenings and events on their Facebook page.


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