Blum ‘knows how to work together’

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     I urge your readers who are independent thinkers and vote accordingly, to vote Nov. 6 to re-elect Rod Blum as our First District Congressional Representative.

     On his very first vote, Rod Blum voted independent of his party leaders to replace the Speaker of the House. However, Congressman Blum knows how to “work together” having formed the bi-partisan “Congressional Term Limits Caucus.”

     Rod Blum and his major opponent, Abby Finkenauer, held two debates. When asked a question, Congressman Blum would answer the question and provide supporting evidence by citing specific legislation. His opponent, on the other hand, never really forthrightly answered the questions in either debate. In fact, one of the moderators in the first debate said quite tersely to her once, “You didn’t answer the question.”

     If you are an independent thinker who wants a representative who is willing to answer tough questions, vote for Rod Blum Nov. 6.

Roger Kistler

Olin, Iowa



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