Blum helps ‘Make America Great Again’

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Rod Blum went to Washington with no political savvy or ambition to hold life-long office. He went as a concerned citizen who recognized that Washington, D.C. was out of touch with Americans like you and me. Because he built a successful business in the private sector he knows what it's like to deal with the burdens the career politicians impose on entrepreneurs who take risks to create jobs for Iowans.

     Congressman Blum supports the tax cuts resulting in a “booming” economy. In his attempt to stand up to the status quo in Washington, he founded the term limits caucus for lawmakers who support term-limits. He authored a bill to end lawmaker’s access to first-class travel and luxury car leases. Congressman Blum supports ending the lavish congressional pension plan and refuses to participate in it. He is the author of legislation to cut congressional pay 5 percent every year the budget is not balanced. And Congressman Blum has introduced a bill that puts a lifetime ban on lawmakers from ever becoming lobbyists.

     His opponent, Abbey Finkenauer, wants to go to Washington to back Nancy Pelosis liberal agenda. Her “personal” agenda does not reflect my desire for freedom from government controls and regulations. Congressman Blum says, “Get the government out of your pocket and off your back and the economy will grow.”

     I admire Rod Blum’s willingness to take the slings and arrows of many outrageous citizens who do not want to engage in an exchange of ideas. I know Congressman Blum supports the effort to Make America Great Again. He has my vote on Nov. 6. Please join me.

LaDonna Retzlaff

Monticello, Iowa



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