Board grants extension on Center Junction nuisances

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

The Jones County Supervisors held a public hearing regarding a nuisance violation at two different properties in Center Junction: 12450 St. Paul St. and 12470 St. Paul St. 

During their Nov. 6 board meeting, the board voted to grant a two-week extension to owners Nathan Valentine and James and Freda Robinson. 

Land Use Administrator Michele Lubben explained that Valentine appears to be causing the nuisance on both properties because he offered to clean up for the Robinsons, but is just carrying the refuse over onto his property. 

“Nate (Valentine) offered to take our barn down for nothing,” explained James. “Because a certain person has been after us for some time to take it down.” 

James said Valentine has been working on his free time. 

Lubben said it would be best for everyone involved if Valentine worked faster or more often. “It keeps 

piling up,” she said. The Robinsons said Valentine promised the barn and lumber would be gone before the public hearing, which was not the case. Lubben thanked the Robinsons for staying in contact with her and for being present, noting she has had no contact with Valentine. “It’s been at a standstill for a month or so,” Lubben continued, “after starting this summer.” “It appears nothing has really changed,” noted Supervisor Joe Oswald. The Robinsons said they couldn’t do the work alone due to health issues. Supervisor Wayne Manternach said it’s a tough situation because the board doesn’t want to penalize the Robinsons because they were promised the nuisance would be cleaned up by someone else on time. With the board’s two-week extension approval, it is contingent upon Lubben’s contact with Valentine. “I’ll attempt to get in contact and follow up with a letter,” offered Lubben. 

In other county business: 

The board approved a wrap-around contract in the amount of $2,565 with DHS for a special services program for DHS-involved families for Fiscal Year 2020. The special program will be run by DECAT. 

The board approved a resolution acknowledging an 1862 vacation of a portion of an alley between Chestnut Street and Walnut Street in Monticello. This allows for the issuance of deeds to adjacent property owners. The vacation affects six property owners. 

The board set an evening meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 3 to meet with state legislators. A meeting time will be determined at a later date. 

The board approved issuing a civil citation for a nuisance located at 24052 Ridge Rd., Anamosa, owned by Faron Fritz and Brenda Anders. 

The board previously approved three extensions to abate the nuisance, with no success. 

“It doesn’t look like there’s been any progress at all,” noted Lubben. She sent the owners a letter notifying them of the meeting date/time and that their property would be discussed, but did not hear from them. 

Manternach said he would absolutely not entertain another extension. “It just drags on,” he said. 

The board approved going out to bid for a new survey truck for Secondary Roads. 

County Engineer Derek Snead said they’re interested in a large SUV versus a pickup truck, something that could haul their new survey drone. 

Bids will be collected until Nov. 27. 

The board approved going out to bid for a new tandem plow truck cab and chassis. Bids will be collected until Nov. 26. 


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