Board hears update on Old Dubuque Rd. intersection

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     County Engineer Derek Snead updated the Jones County Supervisors at their June 9 meeting regarding the Old Dubuque Road/Highway 151 intersection in Anamosa.

     County and Anamosa city officials have been meeting electronically as they work toward a solution to close the dangerous intersection.

     Snead said after meeting with the committee members and the DOT, he hopes to bring a recommendation to the board of supervisors by next week. This would allow the county to make a decision.

     “We’re very interested in closing the intersection sooner rather than later on the west side where the crashes are occurring,” suggested Snead. “We know there has been loss of life at that location, and likely future accidents. It’s not if, but when they happen.”

     Snead said he knows Sheriff Greg Graver is in agreement on closing that particular intersection.

     However, nothing can happen unless the City of Anamosa is also on board.

     Supervisor Joe Oswald asked whether the DOT would remove the median at that intersection. Snead said that would likely occur because that’s the property the DOT has the most control over.

     “That’s the one thing they can do to prevent the next accident,” said Snead.

     Snead hinted that Anamosa is considering a larger-scale project that would involve connecting Old Dubuque Road to Circle Drive to the north. In addition, Snead said an overpass could also connect the east side of Anamosa to the middle school.

     “They’re working with Snyder & Associates to further their concept with a large-scale project,” said Snead.

     “But it’s in our best interest to take hasty action sooner rather than later versus waiting for a project that could take years to construct,” encouraged Snead.


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