Business owner requests slower speed limit on gravel road

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Jason Gideon, who owns a business (Energy Consultants Group LLC) on 230th Avenue near Fairview, spoke to the Jones County Supervisors regarding a change in speed limit due to reckless drivers.

     During the board’s Nov. 5 meeting, Gideon said something needs to happen to slow the traffic down on the gravel road in question.

     Typically gravel roads are 55mph during the daylight and 50mph at night.

     County Engineer Derek Snead said Jones County tends to not have a lot of traffic signs on its gravel roads.

     “It’s such a short stretch,” Snead said of 230th Avenue.

     He said there are ways to enforce the speed issue without erecting additional signs. He said posting a regulatory sign will not automatically reduce the speed of traffic.

     “There needs to be enforcement and presence of law enforcement,” said Snead.

     Gideon said traffic from a nearby trailer park is the root of the problem. He said semis coming in and out of his business driveway are constantly met by those traveling at high rates of speed.

     Furthermore, Gideon said Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Eckhardt mentioned that if a lower speed limit were posted, it could be enforced.

     “I’m at my wits end,” commented Gideon. “There’s no reason for people to go 60mph. And it’s not realistic for me to call the Sheriff’s Office each time, three or four times a day.”

     Snead said the county’s roadway ends just past Gideon’s driveway, noting that 230th is not entirely a Secondary Road.

     “The best way (to control traffic) is to deter locals from driving that way,” urged Snead.

     On a similar matter, Snead requested that Gideon remove a speed limit sign from the county right of way that was erected without permission. A letter and a follow-up notice via certified mail were sent to Gideon on the matter. Snead said if the sign is not removed, the county will remove it and assess the cost to the landowner.

In other county business:

     The board set a public hearing for Tuesday, Nov. 17 to vacate and close a portion of County Road E-45 in Rome Township. The closure was requested by a landowner.

     • The board approved an agreement with the Iowa DOT for a resurfacing project on Highway 64. The county would pay for its portion of the project, which is planned for 2021.

     • Supervisor Jon Zirkelbach asked Snead whether the Secondary Road five-year road/bridge hearing could be held in early January when two new county supervisors take office. Snead didn’t see an issue, as the program doesn’t have to be certified until April. (The public hearing is typically held in December.)

     • The board approved the preliminary and final plats of three subdivisions: Huntington Hills in Fairview Township, Nachazel Second Addition in Fairview Township, and Windy Hill in Cass Township.

     • The board declared November as Diabetes Awareness Month in Jones County. This was a request from the local Lions Clubs.


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