Camp Courageous offers babysitting course

     Camp Courageous is offering a CPR/first aid session for babysitters nine years of age and older on Saturday, Feb. 4, from 9 a.m.-noon. Participants will learn correct actions to follow in the event of an emergency. An opportunity to have hands-on experience in practicing first aid measures, bandaging techniques, and preparing a standard first aid kit.

     Safety measures will be reviewed, CPR, and the technique for assisting a choking victim will be taught by instructors Sandy Stamp RN and Sharon Roller RN. The fee for this class is $20.

     If you are interested in learning about CRP/first aid as a conscientious babysitter, call to register before Feb. 3 by contacting 319-465-5916 ext. 2200 or e-mail Space is limited.


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