Candy Langerman, Council Ward 2

Candy Langerman

Address: Hillcrest Drive 

Why did you want to re-run for city council? I would like to continue to be involved in making decisions that affect our city and its residents. I was appointed to the city council on April 14, 2019; I am up to date on the issues and decisions facing the city council. 

What are some challenges/issues the city will face in the near future? As always, the biggest challenge facing our city is to maintain and improve our infrastructure such as streets, waste water treatment, parks, cemetery, buildings, etc., and stay within our budget. 

What good things does Monticello have going for itself? Monticello is a friendly, welcoming community with people willing to step up and be involved in service clubs, churches, and community projects that better our town. We also have businesses that offer a wide variety of goods and services. I very rarely find the need to go out of town or shop online. 

What are your thoughts on the city working with Main Street Iowa to help revitalize the downtown? If this isn’t the solution, what is? I think that Main Street Iowa is worth looking into for the resources and advice that they may offer to help our town grow and prosper. 

How should the city handle the re-zoning process when it comes to residential development? I believe every re-zoning request should be carefully considered and studied by our planning and zoning board, to be sure that it will be appropriate for the proposed area and follows our codes and ordinances. 

How should the City of Monticello use and disperse its hotel/motel tax? Should entities such as Jones County Tourism and the Monticello Chamber be allowed a piece of the pie? I think that the hotel/motel tax should be divided between the City of Monticello for recreational programs and projects, Jones County Tourism to encourage people to visit Monticello, and the Monticello Chamber to promote businesses in Monticello. Once that tax is split three ways, each of the entities get a “piece of the pie” to use to promote Monticello. 

Additional comments: My husband and I purchased a home on Hillcrest Drive in June 2018, and although it may seem we are newcomers here, I was born in Monticello and have deep roots, family ties, and many friends here and I have always thought of Monticello as home. 

Please vote on Nov. 5, read the city council agendas, come to the city council meetings, contact your council members with your thoughts and concerns, consider running for a seat on the city council, and please become involved in making decisions that affect all of us. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve on the Monticello City Council for the last several months, as well as your consideration in the upcoming election.


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