Capron uses birthday to donate to food pantry

Ava Capron of Monticello celebreated her 10th birthday by asking friends to bring items to donate to the Monticello food pantry. From left are Kendall Siebels, Halle Recker, Hailey Henderson, Natalie Henderson, Karli Manternach, Mya Hansen, Lili Bauers, and Ella Sauser. Ava Capron is being lifted by the friends. (Photo submitted)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     When Ava Capron of Monticello turned 10 years old on April 6, she had a different idea for her birthday party. Instead of having her friends bring her birthday present, Capron asked them to bring food items to donate to the Monticello Food Pantry.

     “I thought I had enough stuff at home and didn’t need any more toys,” said Capron. “I wanted to give back to the community.”

     Capron said she knows there are people out there who don’t have enough food to eat. Plus, the Caprons have donated to the food pantry in the past.

     With eight girls in attendance, Capron had her birthday party on April 1 at Camp Courageous. They did crafts, fed the animals and all celebrated together.

     “The baby goat was a hit,” said Capron.

     She said her friends brought all kinds of canned and boxed food items for the food pantry, including: macaroni and cheese, applesauce, and Jell-O.

     “We collected a lot!” said Capron. “We had five grocery bags full.”

     When she delivered her items to the food pantry, the volunteers were amazed that Capron came up with the idea for her birthday.

     “It was 100 percent her idea,” said Mindy Capron, Ava’s mom. “Steve (Williams, a food pantry volunteer) went crazy when he saw what she did.”

     Capron said her friends told her it was “a cool” idea, and she plans to do it again next year. Some of her friends have done the same, and donated items to the local animal shelter.

     “It makes me really happy to do this,” said Capron.

     Despite her request for food pantry donations, Capron did receive some presents for her birthday, though, making it a great day!



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