Cascade requests funding, support from county for new library

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

   Cascade City Administrator Lisa Kotter was present at the Nov. 8 Jones County Supervisor meeting to update the board on the Cascade Public Library project.

   Back in June, when members of the community approached the county for ARPA funds for a new city library, the projected cost was over $3.4 million.

   Kotter told the board that the City of Cascade has already offered to give $1 million toward the project by passing a resolution to declare their intent to borrow the funding because the library project would be in the city's TIF district.

   The Cascade City Council held a public hearing on the matter and Kotter said there was no public opposition.

   "The community is also behind this project," she said.

   They also received $1 million from Dubuque County.

   They brought in $450,000 in additional pledges and contributions.

   "We're applying for grants," Kotter said. "We need $1 million more."

   They are applying for a CAT (Community Attraction and Tourism) grant through Enhance Iowa, with the application due Jan. 15.

   "This (the library) will bring people and money to Jones and Dubuque counties," Kotter said.

   She asked the supervisors to reconsider a financial contribution as well as a letter of support to accompany the grant application.

   "The support of elected officials and a financial contribution will enhance the application," she said. "I respectfully ask you to consider."

   Kotter said they need an answer in November or December so they can complete the grant application in a timely manner.

   The supervisors will discuss the request at their next board meeting.

In other county business:

   • The board discussed holding a legislative forum before the start of the legislative session on Jan. 9. A tentative date was set for Dec. 6, either in the morning or evening, depending on the legislators' schedules.

   • Due to flooring installation, the Recorder's Office will be closed Monday, Nov. 14; the Clerk of Court will be closed Tuesday, Nov. 15; the Auditor's Office will be closed Wednesday, Nov. 16.

   • Supervisor Jeff Swisher informed the board that the federal mandate regarding P25 emergency response radios has been pushed back to August 2023.

   "Agencies are having trouble getting radios with the supply chain issues and funding," he said. "We're (Jones County) ahead of the game, but we don't want to be behind."

   • The board approved the county's quarterly investment reports, presented by Treasurer Amy Picray.

   There is currently $4.5 million in CDs. A year ago, that number was zero.

   "A year ago, we didn't have CDs because I got better rates with MMFs (money market fund)," noted Picray.

   There is almost $19 million in MMFs. The county's total assets are approximately $29.2 million. That's up by about $1.8 million due to the county's second installment of ARPA funds.

   The total assets for Jones County Solid Waste sits at approximately $1.9 million.


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