Chief Smith provides update on new ATV/UTV ordinance rules

Staff report

     With the Monticello City Council passing the final two readings of the amended ATV/UTV ordinance, Police Chief Britt Smith wanted to update the residents on the changes as they apply within city limits.

     Much of the same language that appears in the Jones County ATV/UTV Ordinance now appears in the city’s ordinance.

     “The city will still maintain the same registration provisions and required equipment for golf carts,” said Smith.

     Under the amended city ordinance, ATVs and UTVs will be required to obtain a DNR vehicle registration through the Jones County Recorder’s Office at the courthouse. This registration must be displayed on the vehicle.

     ATVs/UTVs will be permitted to operate on city streets 24/7 with the appropriate safety equipment. Previously, the city required the use of a bicycle safety flag or slow-moving vehicle sign. That is no longer required.

     “Golf carts will continue to be allowed to operate on the approved city streets,” said Smith. “They will still be required to maintain safety equipment such as the bicycle safety flag and slow-moving vehicle sign.”

     A $20 inspection of golf carts is still required as well through the Monticello Police Department.

     ATVs/UTVs will not be permitted on the following roads:

     • Highway 38/E. Oak Street (from First Street to Oak Street)

     • S. Main Street

     • From Main Street to Cedar Street

     • From First Street to 11th Street

Important rules for ATV/UTV city operation:

     • 24 operation with headlights and taillights

     • 16 years of age to operate

     • 16 to 17 years of age must complete the DNR ATV Safety Course

     • Must have valid driver’s license

     • Must have $500,000 insurance liability

Important rules for golf cart city operation:

     • Must be 18 years to operate

     • Must have valid driver’s license

     • Sunrise to sunset operation

     • Must have $500,000 insurance liability

     A complete copy of the ordinance is available for review at the Monticello Police Department or City Hall.



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