Chris Lux, Council Ward 3

Chris Lux

Address: N. Sycamore Street 

Why did you want to re-run for city council? To continue to learn more about Monticello and help make decisions to move our community forward. 

What are some challenges/issues the city will face in the near future? A new sewer plant, working on the budget, keeping the tax rate the same, maintaining our streets, and growing our community. 

What good things does Monticello have going for itself? The council and our community continue to look forward and strive to make Monticello the best it can be. We work close with Economic Development to bring new business and programs to help better Monticello. We keep our streets updated, and work to make our town a place to visit and live in. 

What are your thoughts on the city working with Main Street Iowa to help revitalize the downtown? If this isn’t the solution, what is? Main Street Iowa is a good program to be a part of. We need to continue to move forward in our efforts to become a Main Street Iowa Community. This program will bring benefits to our downtown and Monticello. 

How should the city handle the re-zoning process when it comes to residential development? Our re-zoning process with public hearings, notifications in the Express, and contacting people in the affected area has been in place for a while, without a lot of objection like anything. We possibly could improve on it or make modifications on it. 

How should the City of Monticello use and disperse its hotel/motel tax? Should entities such as Jones County Tourism and the Monticello Chamber be allowed a piece of the pie? The hotel/ motel tax can be used in different ways. One way is we need to bring people to our town and enhance our recreation with trails and other activities, and work with Jones County Tourism and the Monticello Chamber on projects they have to increase tourism for Monticello. 


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