City approves annual appropriations

City Council
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

Multiple incentives, as set out in develop agreements, are subject to annual appropriation by the city council. 

During the Nov. 18 Monticello City Council meeting, 12 different appropriations were approved: 

Innovative Ag Services (AIS), in the amount of $3,242 

Royal Flush Truck Wash, in the amount of $40,000. This includes two payments of $20,000 each. 

Althoff Properties, in the amount of $4,070 

Cobblestone Inn & Suites, in the amount of $47,054. Council member Tom Yeoman abstained from voting. 

Bud Johnson, in the amount of $1,934 

Karde’s Inc., in the amount of $26,800 

MC Industries, in the amount of $5,896 

Lauren Welter, in the amount of $1,786 

B&J Hauling & Excavation, in the amount of $1,908 

Njs LLC, in the amount of $1,786 

Orbis Manufacturing, in the amount of $71,120 

M e r c y C a r e Management, Inc., in the amount of $20,000 

During the council’s open forum, Jeff Bauer, a neighbor to the Accent Construction property on Breckenridge Drive, asked the council when they plan to enforce the cleanup of the Accent property. 

“I talked to you in August and there’s been no follow-up,” Bauer said. 

Mayor Brian Wolken and several council members said Accent has mowed the grass and weeds down. 

Wolken further explained that the complaints about the Accent property fall into several different city ordinances, which the council is currently working through. 

Bauer said his biggest issue is the amount of water the property holds, which causes issues to his backyard and shed. 

“I have pictures,” he said. “Are you OK with a dumpsite in the middle of town? Are you going to allow it?” 

“They have moved material and mowed,” Council member Dave Goedken reminded Bauer. 

Bauer said the condition devalues his property should he ever wish to sell. 

“It’s created a problem,” he said. 

Wolken said the city would keep up the rapport between Accent and Bauer. 

“They did what we asked them to do,” concluded Wolken. “We hope it continues.”

In other city business: 

• The council held a public information meeting related to a USDA grant application in the amount of $110,000 for the purchase of an ambulance. 

No comments were received. 

The approximate total amount of the purchase is $210,000. The city’s cost share is $75,000, with $25,000 from MEMT. 

• The council approved an agreement between the city and MEP Engineers in the amount of $4,800 related to preparation of plans for a new HVAC system for the Berndes Center. 

Goedken said the only way he would go along with the approval is if the project is inspected upon completion, before any payments are made. 

“It’s been done so many times and it’s still not right,” he said. “Everyone says the other guy did it wrong. How do we know we’re getting the right answer? Someone needs to stand behind their work and get it done right.” 

• Public Works Director Nick Kahler reported that signage along N. Sycamore Street would be completed this week. Seeding and the painting of parking lines will be done in the spring. Horsfield will request final payment for the project in December. 

In terms of the overhead Alliant Energy streetlights for Fourth St. through Seventh St., Kahler said they want to triple the cost to install the lights due to the weather conditions. Council member Chris Lux said the city cannot leave those blocks in the dark throughout the winter. 


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