City hires Poe as Parks and Rec superintendent

Shannon Poe of Monticello was recently hired as the new Parks and Rec superintendent. Poe brings her educational background and experience in recreation and youth activities. For the past 13 years, she worked at Camp Courageous. Much of her current duties include managing the Aquatic Center. (Photo by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     There’s a new face helping to lead the Monticello Parks and Recreation Department.

     Shannon Poe of Monticello took over superintendent duties last month, and has been on the job for just a few weeks. With the Aquatic Center staying busy, Poe has been managing the operations and staff at the pool.

     Poe has been living and working in the Monticello community consistently since 2004. Originally from West Virginia, she came to Monticello to work at Camp Courageous as a respite care director and volunteer director. Poe said having coordinated volunteer services and opportunities at Camp Courageous, she brings that experience to Parks and Rec.

     Poe earned two bachelors degrees in Leisure, Youth and Human Services from the University of Northern Iowa and in Recreation from West Virginia University.

     “I have a lot of experience in parks and rec and tourism,” she said. “I bring that experience with my education.”

     After working at Camp Courageous for 13 years, Poe stepped away in early 2017. For the past six months, she’s been working with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office as a dispatcher.

     “It’s a great job, but I missed being outside and staying active,” she said.

     Poe said her Parks and Rec job allows her to have face-to-face contact with people and interact with people in the community.

     “I want to get to know more people in the community,” she said.

     Poe enjoys working with the staff at the pool, and hopes to help expand Parks and Rec programming.

     “I want to reach more people,” she offered, “not just the athletes.”

     Poe said it helps having great youth helping to manage the pool as well. She is currently working on earning her certified pool operator’s license.

     “I have so much to learn yet,” she admitted. “Once I’m certified, that will really give me a boost.”

     Poe’s wife, Carol Melton, is the director of the indoor pool at Camp Courageous. Poe said Melton’s background has helped her know what to prepare for when it comes to pool inspections.

     “I know what to expect,” she said.

     In expanding Parks and Rec offerings, Poe said she wants to incorporate people of all ages, senior citizens to little kids.

     “We can offer recreation and leisure opportunities for all ages,” she said. “It’s important to offer more than just youth sports.” Poe said she could see Parks and Rec starting a Euchre card club for adults.

     Poe said leisure activities might include art: performance art and visual art.

     She said Parks and Rec could really offer the Monticello community some great programming and services. She wants to help fill in the gaps with activities not already offered.

     “What do people want to see here?” she asked.

     Poe said she’s already received a request for “granny basketball.”

     She plans to narrow down the opportunities once the summer comes to a close.

     Aside from managing the pool, Poe also mows the Baty Disc Golf Course.

     “I really do enjoy that,” she said.

     In general, Poe likes spending time outdoors with kayaking, fishing, and other sporting events.

     “This job fits right in with my leisure activities,” she said.

     Poe is also awaiting a spot on the Monticello Fire Department. She’s already earned both the FF1 and FF2 certifications. Once a spot opens on the department, Poe will be the first female to serve on the MFD.

     “Monticello has a lot of amenities here,” praised Poe. “I want to set up roots here. I’m excited about this opportunity that I am passionate about.”

     Jacob Oswald is the Parks and Rec director. “We work well together, and complement each other,” praised Poe of her cohort.



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