City plans for future of Compadres building

City Council
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

The Monticello City Council is getting closer to exploring its options concerning the dilapidated Compadres building in downtown Monticello.

A structural engineer will inspect the building during the morning of Wednesday, April 10. Following the inspection, the engineer will be able to advise the council on the overall structural integrity of the building, address any concerns, and what it might take to make the building structurally sound. Another suggestion might entail demolishing the building, taking into account the adjacent buildings.

“This is an important, necessary stepAgenitnPhotothe

decision-making process,” City Administrator Doug Herman noted in his communication to the council. (Herman was absent from the council meeting.)

The council previously had an asbestos inspection completed on the Compadres building, and found asbestos in the roof system that needs to be removed, regardless of whether the decision is to renovate or demolish the building.

If the council chooses to keep the building and renovate it, a new roof would need to be constructed following the removal of the asbestos.

On another city-related construction project, the council viewed preliminary blueprints submitted by Norm Zimmerman for the new home planned on the empty lot on N. Chestnut Street. Per the city’s extended agreement with Zimmerman, the council needs to approve plans no later than April 1. The city would close on the sale of the lot by May 1, with construction to begin soon after.

The city is also working with Karde’s 151 and the site developers and city

engineer on a proposed semi truck washing station in that vicinity.

Herman said they are working on water, storm water, and sanitary sewer needs and issues. He said the council would be able to review the site plans some time in April.

“This would be a significant investment (in the community) and would create a number of jobs,” noted Herman.

In other city business:

• During the open forum portion of the council meeting, Monticello resident Steve Hanken questioned the council on the progress of a tree dump.

“We could use that (a tree dump) more than anything right now,” Hanken said. “I don’t hear a lot of talk about it.”

Mayor Brian Wolken assured Hanken that the city is working on finding a site for the facility.

“It’s on the top of our radar,” Wolken said. “We’re looking at several properties.”

• The council approved a resolution requesting that the county abate property taxes on city-owned property at 103 W. First St. (former Compadres building).

• The council approved a resolution to report employee wages for the calendar year ending Dec. 31, 2018.

• The council went into a closed session to discuss the potential purchase of real estate. Following the closed session, the council authorized Herman to proceed with an offer on the real estate property.

No details were given on the location of the property until the offer is made and accepted by the owner.



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