Coach Wilson responds to district changes


     (Sports Editor’s note: Monticello varsity football coach Wes Wilson offered the following statement about the changes to the Iowa High School Athletic Association’s new district assignments and football post-season qualifying rules.)


     “With some area teams dropping to Class 1A like Cascade, Beckman and Northeast of Goose Lake, it was really a guess on whether we would go north or south. Either way was going to be a lot of travel for us. We are familiar with all these teams and look forward to district play the next two seasons.

     “I don't think anyone really knows what to expect with the RPI system the state is going to use. There are a lot of variables in this system that your team does not control. I think that is the thing that coaches are struggling with the most. Another topic brought up is that playing a Class A school counts the same as playing a Class 3A team. It really makes your non-district scheduling difficult. You are no longer scheduling rivals, you are scheduling teams that will help your RPI.

     “A lot of coaches are disappointed that the state did not take the coaches recommendations to move back to 32 teams in the playoffs. Football is the only sport that does not allow every team to play in the postseason. Most coaches feel 32 out of 54 teams would be sufficient and still make the regular season important. I think that if we want to grow the sport of football in Iowa and increase participation we need to give more players a chance to experience post season play.”


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