COLUMN: Hawkeye football

Mark Spensley
Express Co-publisher

     Once again the Iowa Hawkeyes ended their year with a bitter-tasting bowl game loss. On a positive note, they once again went to a great bowl game in a nice, warm climate!

     So what do the Hawks need to do to correct their losing ways when facing a tough opponent in a higher echelon bowl game?

     Step one was taken care of when their offensive coordinator, Greg Davis, decided to retire. Under Davis’ watch the passing game disappeared even though they won 20 games the past two seasons.

     Iowa needs a more balanced attack if they are going to compete with the big boys. Florida exposed this glaring weakness by stacking 7-9 guys in the box and daring the Hawkeyes to throw the ball.

     Secondly, Iowa needs to start recruiting better skill players, particularly at the wide receiver position. And then they need to better develop their wide receivers.

     Iowa does have senior WR Matt Vandenberg returning from a medical redshirt, but junior Jay Scheel just announced he is done playing football due to constantly being injured.

     Over the next few weeks the Hawks will be announcing the hiring of 2-3 new coaches after not renewing the contract of their wide receiver coach and their running back coach. And newly-named offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz will probably announce his new role. Will he remain the offensive line coach?

     When the Hawks open the 2017 season against the Wyoming Cowboys will there be a new look on the offensive side of the ball or will head coach Kirk Ferentz still have his thumb firmly pressed on Hawkeye offense? I’m hoping for some change!



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