COLUMN: It's officially football season

Mark Spensley
Express Co-Publisher

     A show of hands out there, who is excited for football season to start? The Panthers kick off the season Friday night and with the start of high school football, the Express’ 66th annual football contest kicks off as well. The page is in the fall sports issues as well as this weeks Shoppers’ guide.

     Please take the time to enter each week. They can be mailed, dropped off, faxed or emailed to us. One change this year is the winner now takes home $20 instead of $15. The runner-up is still $10.

     Anyone out there like me and is not quite ready for summer to be over with? I love the fall season for a variety of reasons but truth be told, I wish summer lasted longer. I know what follows fall!

     College football has also kicked off last week with a few games played. As a Hawkeye fan, I’ve been busy looking, reading and following the progress of this year’s team.

     I’ve decided not to offer up any predictions. There is quite a bit of experience coming back on both sides of the ball but losing two NFL TE’s will change the landscape of this year’s version.

     The DL will be another question mark.

     This year’s version of the Cyclones looks to be better as well. That should make for a very competitive Hawkeye-Cyclone rivalry game.

     The NFL will follow shortly after the aforementioned seasons kick off. My Packers could be better, they could be worse. They have a new coach and a new offense but they still have one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Aaron Rogers.

     Rogers has been held out of pre-season games so who knows if he is hurt or if management is just being protective.

     Well, here is to the first kickoff and an exciting Panther fall sports season.



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