COLUMN: My Super Bowl takes

Mark Spensley
Express Co-Publisher

     This year’s Super Bowl sure did live up to its hype. Both teams took their shots and both teams took their lumps and, in the end, soon to be Hall of Fame Coach Andy Reid finally won a ring. Actually, for the record, Reid did win a ring as an assistant with the Packers.

     If a person wanted to, you could have spent almost the entire Sunday watching pregame hype. It went on for hours. I watched for about a half hour and that was enough for me. So, here are my takes on the game itself:

     Opening ceremonies: Maybe a little on the dull side. I wasn’t fan of The Rock introducing the starters. I’m not even sure if he mentioned all of them or not. The best part of the opening ceremonies for me was the young man running the game ball.

     That young boy had some swag to him. The first part of his running the game ball was taped. It concluded with himself and a few young kids live, running in the game ball and handing it off to a referee. That kid will remember that moment the rest of his life.

     The introduction of the top 100 players beforehand celebrating the 100th NFL season was awesome.

     The coin flip: Not much to talk about here which is usually a good thing, the coin flip went off without a snafu. I learned that a few veterans were part of the coin flip but do not recall the announcers saying anything about that.

     Singing of the National Anthem/America The Beautiful: I thought Yolanda Adams knocked out America The Beautiful and Demi Lovato did an above average rendition of the National Anthem. The flyover afterwards did not get captured very well by camera but that could have been due to darkness. The neat part of that was an Iowan, Maj. Adam Wellington, a U of I graduate, was one of the pilots.

     The first half: It’s hard for me to watch a sporting event without one of my teams in it without choosing a team to root for. I picked the Chiefs. Not much scoring occurred in the first half, which ended in a 10-10 tie. Both teams traded field goals and a TD.

     I needed three things to happen in the first half: I needed SF RB Raheem Mostert to score the first TD, I need the 49ers to record two sacks and I also needed Mostert to lead all players in yardage that first half. None of the three above mentioned items happened.

     The second half: When the 49ers went up by ten points in the third quarter, I was sensing a victory. But you can never count out Kansas City. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes hadn’t played his best early on but his 44-yard third down pass to Tyreek Hill for a first down may have been the play of the game.

     Like in the first half, I needed three things to happen in the second half: I needed Mahomes to account for three scores, which he did, I needed the final score to be between 51-55 points, which happened and the Chiefs to win by 4 or less. They won by 11.

     Since I didn’t get all six picks to happen, I missed out on $13,000. It was essentially over when Mahomes scored the first TD of the game. That was Terry Bradshaw’s money I was hoping to win.

     Commercials: They were okay, not as good as in years past. My two favorites were the Jeep commercial with Bill Murray and the Cool Ranch Doritos commercial. I’ll give a third place thumbs up to the Hyundai Smaht Pahk.

     Final fun fact: When Mahomes took three knees to end the game, he lost 15-yards of rushing. One of the highest placed bets for the game was Mahomes finishing with 40+ yards of rushing. His kneel downs cost bettors a big chunk of change but the house won, the house always wins!




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