COLUMN: Who signs Tom Brady?

Mark Spensley
Express Co-Publisher

     To be honest, I do not really care which NFL team signs Tom Brady. I’m not a fan and I dislike his coach, or maybe former coach, Bill Belichick even more so. But I read this feature on the subject and thought it would be interesting to some.

     Brady has spent all 20 of his seasons with one team, the Patriots. For quarterbacks, that isn’t unheard of but for some reason, the NFL media is making a big deal out of it.

     Besides Brady though, there are a few other QBs that are in the same situation as Brady. Guys like Drew Brees with the Saints, Phillip Rivers with the Chargers and Andy Dalton with the Bengals, who have been mainstays with their teams for many seasons.

     And then you have guys like Dak Prescott with the Cowboys, Jameis Winston of the Buccaneers and Marcus Mariota of the Titans. These three have been with the same teams as well but for a shorter period of time in their careers.

     ESPN has Brady going to one of four teams, re-signing with the Patriots, replacing Rivers in San Diego or going to Tennessee or Tampa Bay. If Brady does decide to go with a different team, I could see Tampa Bay being a player. The weather would be a lot nicer in the wintertime, they have a great complement of wide receivers, Mike Evens, Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard.

     How about the Bears going after Brady? Brady is the guy the Bears have been searching for since Jim McMahon led the Super Bowl Shuffle. I went back and looked up how many quarterbacks the Bears have had in the 2000s alone. Nine. That is about eight too many. Since 1964 the Bears have had 24 different guys start at that position. In comparison, Green Bay has had 11 different starters. I picked 1964 as a reference point, the year I was born.

     Among those on the Bears’ list, Jay Cutler started for seven seasons, Mitchell Trubisky for three, Rex Grossman for two and Kyle Orton for two. To me it makes sense for the Bears to throw some money at Brady and hope to get 4-5 good years out of him.

     But if I was a betting man, I think he re-signs with the Patriots.

Hawkeye wrestlers are Big Ten champs!

     Sunday evening, I sat down to watch the Big Ten wrestling championships. I had taped them, stayed away from social media and ignored my Hawkeye phone alerts. With four guys in the finals, I thought Iowa may only come away with one champion, 125-pound Spencer Lee.

     The other three Hawkeye finalists, Pat Lugo, Alex Marinelli and Michael Kemerer were going against three outstanding wrestlers and both Lugo and Marinelli had lost to their opponent earlier in the season.

     Kemerer did defeat his guy earlier in Iowa City when his guy was the #1 ranked wrestler. I wasn’t as confident this time around on neutral turf.

     To my surprise, besides Lee, Lugo and Marinelli each won and Kemerer’s match was a lot closer than the score indicated. The Hawkeyes’ Big Ten championship was their 36th, the most of all Big Ten teams. On to nationals!



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