Come together to save Ely’s Stone Bridge

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     I am writing in regards to the future of Ely’s old Stone Bridge on Stone Bridge Road in rural Monticello.

     Jones County Supervisors and the Jones County Engineer are considering several options concerning the future of this historic bridge. One of these options includes destroying this landmark and replacing it with a box culvert.

     This bridge means a lot to the people in Monticello and the surrounding area of Monticello. I believe it is an icon for Jones County and even the State of Iowa. If you would have been at the Jitney at the informational meeting, you would have seen many people who feel the same way about this bridge. You would have also seen a sampling of beautiful graduation, family and school sports photographs taken near this historic bridge.

     The bridge is very unique and one of a kind. It was built by hand, without a keystone that most stone bridges have as a support in the structure. That is why it is listed in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

     The old Stone Bridge is a beautiful place to see and visit! Have you ever been under the bridge? Take the time to walk under the bridge. That is where you can really see the beautiful stone, triple-arched bridge. Be sure to take your camera. It is worth the time.

     Please let us join together for this cause and save the bridge. Contact your county supervisors and the county engineer. Let them know how you feel. It means so much to us and to the future generations! Once it is gone, it will be gone forever. Please do not demolish Ely’s old Stone Bridge.

Beth Porter

Monticello, Iowa


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