Community Flowerpot Planning Committee, thank you

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Monticello is blooming again…the flowerpots have arrived!

     Thanks to the Monticello FFA and the Community Flowerpot Planning Committee that worked very hard to make this happen under most unusual circumstances this year. We have had so many calls at the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) office about where is our memorial pot when visitors come to town and residents want a picture.

     Community donors also make this happen and we want to thank Wolken Dental, CMG Properties, Monticello Iowa Rotary Club, Connie Shover, Richard and Judy Schneiter, Phil Owen, Yeoman & Company, Tom Keleher, and MACC, Inc. for their donations to help with expenses. The City of Monticello Parks & Recreation Department is watering the flowers for the 2020 season…greatly appreciated!

     If you would like to make a donation toward the activity or volunteer on the planning committee, contact the MACC, Inc. at 204 E. First St. or 319-465-5626.

     Thank you to all and enjoy the beauty of downtown Monticello!

The MACC, Inc.

and the Community Flowerpot

Planning Committee


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