Community generous in filling food pantry needs

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Having grown up in a suburb of Seattle, I have come to genuinely appreciate living 45 years in this small town called Monticello. Where else can I walk into the local hardware store or floral shop or grocery store and be greeted by name? Where else can I ride my bike or make a five-minute drive to get most of my needs met? I can also walk into a number of our local churches to attend a special service and be welcomed into their fellowship, even though I’m not a member.

     I have also seen firsthand how we care for each other in this community: helping with projects that beautify our city with flower gardens, pitching in to fund restoring our sleeping fountain, watching our students excel in a variety of sports, the arts, academic achievements, and service projects… like filling up shelves at our food pantry.

     Speaking of the Monticello Food Pantry… what an amazing response from the community to insure families had the food, hygiene supplies, fruit baskets and paper products they needed for the holidays and beyond. The clubs, churches, businesses, schools and so many individual kids, singles, parents and grandparents were cheerfully generous! THANK YOU, MONTICELLO!

On behalf of the

Food Pantry steering committee,

Marilyn Schneiderman

Monticello, Iowa



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