Congressman Blum stands by his word

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     The Primary Elections are coming up on June 5 and early voting has already begun. This is the first step that we voters can take in our governmental process to select those people whom we would like to have represent our interests at the local, state and federal levels.

     The First District of Iowa, the congressional district where we live, is currently represented by Congressman Rod Blum. He is running for re-election.

     Our congressional district should be the envy of many voting districts throughout the nation. You see, Congressman Blum has represented us the way he said he would.

     It’s easy for a politician to say one thing on the campaign trail and then vote quite differently in Washington D.C. Rod Blum votes the way he says he will.

     Congressman Blum said he wanted to reduce government spending. He has introduced legislation to reduce government spending and has repeatedly voted to reduce spending. He said he wanted to “drain the swamp” before it became popular and showed the nation that he keeps his word with the very first vote he cast in Congress. Congressman Blum said he wanted to reduce taxes and has consistently voted as promised.

     I would urge your readers to get out and vote June 5 or vote early at the Auditor’s Office in the Jones County Courthouse. And, if they are interested in having a representative in Washington D.C. who has a record of keeping his word, they should be sure to vote for Rod Blum.

Roger Kistler

Olin, Iowa



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