Council amends code to include patio improvements

City Council
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Following Monticello resident Jeff McCormick’s visit to the city council a few weeks ago, during the May 17 council meeting, they passed the first reading amending the city code to include verbiage pertaining to patios.

     McCormick applied for a variance from the Planning & Zoning Board to build his patio in his front yard on N. Sycamore Street. Due to lack of board members present, the vote failed.

     The city’s code addresses porches and decks, but not modifications to a property owner’s patio.

     The amendment to include a patio in one’s front yard includes:

     • Any such structure must remain set back at least 12 feet from the right of way

     • The yard cannot be covered (taken up) by more than 30 percent of a structure

     • A structure cannot be more than 30 inches in height

     • The structure cannot be wider than the foundation of the home

     P&Z reviewed the amendment to the code and unanimously recommended approval by the council.

     Changes to the code require three separate readings by the council, unless they waive the last one or two readings. There was no clear indication from the council that they would plan to waive the readings, noting it gives the public an opportunity to provide feedback or input. The council can always change the language in the amendment up until the third and final reading.

     “Overall I think this is a pretty good solution,” said City Administrator Russ Farnum of the way the amendment reads. “P&Z thought it was a good approach as well.”

     Council member Dave Goedken said it would be a good idea and good practice for property owners to read and know the city code before starting a project such as this, adding a patio.

     “It’s rather critical,” he said.

     Farnum said owners are informed of the city regulations when they come to City Hall for a building permit application.

     McCormick said he would like to get started on this project sooner rather than later so the project is done before the end of summer. However, due to Memorial Day, the next council meeting is pushed back another week (Monday, June 7).

     “I’d hate to see him have to wait three more weeks,” commented Goedken of postponing McCormick’s project.

     “We need to get this published and see if there is any opposition,” said Mayor Brian Wolken. “This is a community-wide ordinance.”

     Wolken indicated that the council could approve the second and third readings at once at the next meeting if there was not any opposition.


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