Council approves building permit, not contract rock

City Council
Kim Brooks

     Josh Ludovissy, 635 N. Chestnut St., was present at the April 17 Monticello City Council meeting to ask the council to approve his building permit.

     Ludovissy desires to build a garage on his property. Per the city’s building permit application, which was changed three years ago to require the property owner seek signatures from neighboring property owners, Ludovissy cannot get signed approval from his neighbor, Gale Oldfield.

     A survey was done on the property; however, Oldfield is still not in agreement to the garage being built.

     Oldfield told the council that her concern is the proximity of the garage to her property, and the potential of run-off water entering her basement. She said to no fault of her own, her house was built on top of the property line.

     Ludovissy is planning for a 22-by-30-foot garage to meet the city’s 3-foot setback ordinance for an accessory building in the backyard.

     City Administrator Doug Herman said if the council were concerned about the 3-foot setback, they could always change the ordinance to require a greater setback.

     “But it is within the requirements of the (building) permit,” he said.

     Ludovissy said he plans to add gutters to direct the run-off not only away from Oldfield’s home, but his as well. The driveway will also be gravel versus paved to hopefully alleviate any issues.

     Herman said if Oldfield feels there are boundary issues in this case, that is not for the city council to decide, but for both owners to take to court.

     “Your only say,” he told the council, “is to approve or deny the building permit.”

     Council member Dave Goedken said if Ludovissy met all of the requirements, he was in favor of approving the permit. The council unanimously approved the permit.

     The council failed to pass a resolution asking the city to pay $9,500 for contract rock on 190th Street between Karde’s 151 and Innovative Ag Services. (Goedken abstained.)

     Per a contract that was signed by the council and County Engineer Derek Snead a year ago, it stipulated that 190th would be rocked bi-annually, every other year. The road was just rocked in May 2016 at a cost to the city of $6,900.

     Herman said he was contacted by Snead a week or so ago to see if the city would share in contract rock again this year.

     “Apparently the county has been getting some complaints about the condition of the road,” said Herman.

     Goedken said 190th has seen a lot more traffic since increased development in that part of town.

     “That road has taken an immense beating,” he said. “In my opinion, it needs rock every year.”

     Council member Brian Wolken said it is unfair to ask the city to pay more for contract rock with the signed contract states that it would only be every other year.

     “Why enter into an agreement then?” he asked. “Every time we sign an agreement with the county, they ask for more money from us.”

     Goedken said if the council chose not to approve the request for rock, the county would continue to take care of their portion of the road.

     “You have county supervisors that have to answer to residents,” he said.

     To that, Council member Chris Lux said, “We have taxpayers we have to answer to.”  

In other city business:

     • The council set a public hearing for Monday, May 15 at 6 p.m. concerning the voluntary annexations of The Sign Shop, Koob Automotive & Towing, the city shop, and the Monticello Machine Shop.

     • The council set a public hearing for Monday, May 15 at 6 p.m. concerning budget amendments to the city’s Fiscal Year 2016/17 budget. Those amendments will be shared in detail during the hearing.

     • The council approved payment of $10,000 to the Monticello Golf Club for the city’s share of the driveway paving project. The total project cost was $37,618.

     • The council approved the re-zoning of an empty lot owned by Steve Intlekofer at the intersection of Washington Street and S. Cedar Street from C-1 to R-1.

     • The council failed to approve the re-zoning of property owned by Steve Intlekofer at 322 W. Fourth St. from R-1 to R-2.

     Mayor Dena Himes and the council members felt that the conditions of the property do to meet an R-2 zoning. Herman said he would notify Intlekofer, and give him until June 1 to come into compliance as an R-1.

     • The council approved the re-zoning of 410 E. Oak St., owned by Mike Kraus from R-1 to R-3.



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