Council discusses changes to recycling, spring street repairs

City Council
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     There could be some changes to city residential recycling.

     During the Dec. 4 Monticello City Council meeting, the council directed City Administrator Doug Herman to work with Republic Services from Peosta on contract negotiations for recycling services. Republic currently handles commercial dumpster pick up in Monticello. Republic would like to convert the current dumpsters to front-load and would replace them at their cost, no costs to the owners.

     If the city chose to contract with Republic for recycling, Republic would supply all homeowners with carts to store their recycling in.

     The city’s contract with Rolling Sanitation in Manchester expires May 31, 2018. If the city entered into a recycling contract with Republic, changes would go into effect in June 2018.

     The council voted 4-1 to start the discussion with Republic. Council member Rob Paulson opposed. The council also asked that notice be given to other area companies if interested, preferring to see new dumpsters provided, as well as recycling carts.

     “I don’t think any local providers in the area would want to provide carts,” warned Herman.

     “I really like the idea of carts,” voiced Council member Tom Yeoman. “I see them used in different communities and it really cleans things up.”

     Republic representative Matt Pivit said they would supply between 1,500 and 1,600 recycling carts for residents.

     The council also wanted to see Herman crack down on those businesses still utilizing private commercial dumpster pick up.

     The council asked Pivit whether Republic would collect glass if contracted for recycling services. Pivit said glass isn’t a material they would likely pick up.

     In wanting to see new front-load dumpsters placed at the commercial businesses, Pivit said about 50 percent of the current dumpsters are in poor condition or in need of repairs. And front-load is also safer for their employees.

     With winter on its way, street repair projects are on hold until next spring. However, Public Works Director Brant LaGrange and City Engineer Patrick Schwickerath are already working on street projects for the council’s consideration.

     The council approved seeking bids for five different street projects as proposed by LaGrange:

     Bid Package #1 would include intersection repairs on Highway 38 and Park Blvd., and W. Grand St. and N. Chestnut St.

     Bid Package #2 would include curb and gutter with minor patch work on the following streets: S. Elm St., W. Third St., Brook St., Pine St., Monk Ct., N. Gill St., and E. First St.

     Bid Package #3 would include the removal and replacement of panels on Celgo St., Towerview Dr., Birch St., E. Fifth St., the intersection of W. Second St. and Farley St., Park Blvd., N. Gill St., and N. Chestnut St.

     Bid Package #4 includes casting adjustments on Pine St., Gill St., W. Sixth St., First St., and in the alleyway behind Gingham Dog.

     Bid Package #5 includes curbing on the brick streets on N. Walnut St. and Third St.

     LaGrange explained he organized the bid packages according to similar work being proposed.

     Schwickerath offered different estimates for total reconstruction projects on both N. Chestnut St. and N. Sycamore St.

     N. Chestnut would be reconstructed from W. Second St. to W. Third St. If the brick pavers were completely removed and replaced with concrete, the estimate would be between $320,000-$370,000. If the bricks were salvaged and re-installed with concrete intersections and decorative streetlights, the estimate would be between $540,000-$600,000.

     “I would like to see the street totally reconstructed with brick and decorative lights,” voiced Yeoman. “I really like the brick streets because we don’t have a lot left.”

     To reconstruct N. Sycamore St. from E. First St. to E. Seventh St., the estimate is between $2-$2.2 million. To add decorative lighting and construct a storm sewer, the cost is between $2.6-$2.9 million.

     To reconstruct N. Sycamore St. from E. Third St. to E. Seventh St., the estimate is between $1.4-$1.5 million. To add decorative lighting and construct a storm sewer, the cost is between $1.75-$2 million.

     No decisions were made on Schwickerath’s proposals.

In other city business

     • The E. First Street Bridge is officially open to traffic.

     The council approved the fourth pay request in the amount of $91,557.97 to Taylor Construction, Inc. There remains a 3 percent retainage at $12,200.86. The original contract amount was $504,845.24. The city will file for reimbursement through the Iowa DOT for a share of the project to be covered by federal bridge funds.


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