Council proceeds with street repairs

City Council
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Due to concern over the City of Monticello’s brick streets, the city council approved four bid packages for various street projects, but chose to hold off on doing any work to improve the brick streets.

     The following bid packages were awarded to contractors:

     • Installation of curb/gutter, sidewalk, and rehab of intake at the northwest corner of the intersection of E. Oak Street/Highway 38 to Park Boulevard. Also rehab of the entire intersection at W. Grand Street/S. Walnut Street.

     This package was awarded to Accent Construction for $31,393.75.

     • Curb/gutter replacement on S. Elm Street, west wide of W. Third Street, south side between Cedar and Farley streets, Pine Street from south of the Jacobs Park entrance to approximately the driveway at 405 Pine St., two locations on Monk Court, N. Gill Street, E. First Street with adjacent MHA patching.

     This package was awarded to Midwest Concrete for $25,522.50.

     • Panel removal/replacement with possibility to include adjacent curb/gutter on Celgo Street near the water tower, Tower View Court, N. Birch Street, east side of E. Fifth Street, north side of the intersection at and southwest corner at W. Second Street/Farley Street, Park Boulevard, N. Gill Street, N. Chestnut Street, and intersection of N. Chestnut Street/Laude Avenue.

     This package was awarded to MAC Concrete for $32,105.

     • Work adjoining casting adjustment on Pine Street between Fifth and Sixth streets, N. Gill Street, W. Sixth Street, E. First Street, the entrance to the alley on the north side between Maple Street and Sycamore Street, lower casting in alley to the north of the same entrance.

     This package was awarded to MAC Concrete for $9,483.

     The fifth bid package included replacement of the curb and gutter on adjoining brick streets. Council member Tom Yeoman commented he wanted to see the brick streets maintained, but not until a plan was in place in order to due so.

     “I like them and I think a lot of people like them,” he said of the aesthetics of the bricks.

     Council member Dave Goedken agreed and said the best measure would be to turn each of the intersections at those brick streets into concrete to keep the bricks from shifting.

     “A good section would have to come out,” he said, in order to apply the concrete. “But we need to take action to save the bricks now.”

     Mayor Brian Wolken was on board as well.

     “I’d like to see a more comprehensive plan if we truly want to save the brick streets versus (doing) projects here and there,” he said.

     Public Works Director Brant LaGrange said this gets the conversation going, and also provides him with direction on where to take the street projects in the near future.

     City Administrator Doug Herman commented that additional sidewalk panels are still in need of replacement throughout the city. ACE Concrete & Excavation was one of the contractors who submitted bids on the street repair packages, but was not awarded a project. Herman said ACE might be a possibility to perform some sidewalk repairs.

     “They’d be a good fit,” he said.



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