County awards derecho storm debris cleanup project

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The Jones County Supervisors approved the low bidder for a countywide project to remove debris from county right of way following the Aug. 10 derecho storm.

     The board received four bids for the project during their Sept. 1 meeting, ranging in contract price from $222,098 up to $645,300. B&J Hauling & Excavation (Brian Monk) was the low bidder.

     County Engineer Derek Snead said there’s an estimated 375 different sites throughout the southern portion of the county that have debris sitting in the right of way.

     The late start date for this project is Sept. 21. Monk indicated to the board that he plans to start around that time.

     The engineer’s estimate for this particular project was $320,000.

     “It’ll be a very quick turnaround,” Snead said of the timeframe associated with this project. “That’s why we need to take action today.”

     County Treasurer Amy Picray presented her semi-annual and quarterly investment reports to the board.

     As of June 30, the county’s total sitting in CD funds is $2.25 million, down $1.4 million from a year ago. Picray explained that CD rates have dropped, and perhaps the county’s money might be better served in money market funds (MMFs).

     There is a total of $8.12 million in MMFs.

     The county’s total in CDs, MMFs, and checking is $11.04 million.

     The county’s total assets are at $13.66 million, down $786,000 from last year.

     Picray said her office is still waiting on delinquent taxes, which were delayed due to the August storm.

     The quarterly investment report for the Solid Waste Commission shows total assets at $2.16 million. Picray said this is up $74,000 from last year.

In other county business:

     Public Health reported 32 active COVID-19 cases, including two probable cases.

     The board approved a fireworks permit for Josh Von Sprecken and Chad and Connie Rubner for an event in Center Junction on Sept. 11.

     Their approval is subject to the current CDCand public health guidelines addressing mass gatherings, and spectators cannot exceed 200 people.

     The board approved the purchase of window blinds for the new windows installed throughout the entire courthouse, as well as the cleaning of the exterior window ledges.

     Sulzner shared that she’s been working with several different vendors on quotes for light-filtering shades/blinds. Approximately 120 windows were replaced.

     Bids for the project are due on Sept. 8. The board will take action at their meeting and award a bid. The price ranges from $14,000 and $22,000.

     The board abated a nuisance located at 23713 Highway 38 outside Monticello, owned by Russ and Danica Hughes.

     Land Use Administrator and Supervisor Joe Oswald both attested to the successful cleanup efforts of the property and house.

     The abatement comes after three 30-day extensions.

     Picray said that her office added more driver’s license appointments, and expects to offer this service on an appointment-only basis for the foreseeable future.

     “I see keeping these appointment-only indefinitely,” she said.

     Picray said her office is seeing overflow customers from state DOT stations.

     “We ask people to be understanding,” she said. “Things are different now.”

     The board approved the donation and partial acquisition of right of way on Circle Drive in Anamosa. The donation was made by developer Bryce Ricklefs.

     Snead said the right of way would be used for future projects in that area.


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