County considers purchase policy changes

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The Jones County Supervisors are looking to amend the county’s purchase policy.

     Slight changes were suggested to the policy during the March 12 Board of Supervisors meeting.

     A draft copy of the proposed changes was sent out to county department heads to review.

     The board of supervisors last changed the purchase policy in December.

     Some of the proposed changes this time around deal with securing state bids, especially on vehicle purchases. If a state bid from Iowa is not available, the department head could resort to the state bid of an adjacent state.

     “It’s more relevant is it’s closer to Iowa,” commented County Auditor Janine Sulzner.

     Also, the county departments would now have the ability to use a bid up to six months after it was received.

     “We need to make sure all bidders are made aware of those provisions up front,” Supervisor Ned Rohwedder said in terms of the six-month receipt date.

     The board also discussed conducting periotic reviews of county department heads.

     Rohwedder, wanting to put department heads at ease, said the reviews are merely meant to discuss any concerns and for the board to hear any updates from the various departments.

     “It’s been quite some time since we’ve done reviews,” continued Rohwedder.

     Supervisor Wayne Manternach suggested the board have a set of parameters from which to work from. Supervisor Joe Oswald said bringing Mike Galloway, HR, could help with that endeavor.

     Sulzner reminded the board that it would up to the department whether the discussion would take place in closed session or not.

In other county business:

     The board amended the date to receive bids for two site improvement projects at the courthouse. The date was delayed by one week, accepting bids until April 9.

     • County Treasurer Amy Picray presented the county’s semi-annual and quarterly investment reports.

     • CD balance: $3.27 million. This is up about half a million dollars from a year ago.

     • Total CDs, MMF (money market fund), checking: $10.15 million. Picray said this total is down about $2 million.

     • Total assets: $12.71 million. This total is down about $5 million due to the low December tax collections, the relocation of the mental health fund, and county projects.

     Picray also invested in two new CDs through Citizens State Bank in Monticello since the start of the new year.

     Picray also presented the investment report for the Waste Management Commission.

     • CD balance: $1.97 million. This is up $9,000 from a year ago due to interest.

     • Total assets: $2.09 million. This is up $7,300 from last year. Picray said seeing an increase in the Commission’s total assets is rare.

     • The board approved a right of way acquisition contract with Brad and Patty Manuel for the 118th Avenue bridge replacement project. The contract was in the amount of $1,200. The bridge will be replaced by twin culverts.

     • County Engineer Derek Snead updated the board on the Shaw Road/Trail project.

     “We have the DNR permits,” Snead said. “We now have the permits for everything.”

     Snead said the only thing his office is waiting on is approval of DNR right of way.

     “We are talking to them every day,” he added.

     Snead said a representative the State Parks service granted Secondary Roads permission to cut down the trees, though, on DNR property.

     “That’s good news,” Snead said.



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