County offices open for appointment only

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     According to Jenna Lovaas, Jones County Public Health, COVID-19 cases in Jones County are on the decrease.

     Lovaas provided an update to the Jones County Supervisors during their May 19 board meeting. She said there had been 36 confirmed positive cases in the county up until that point, with 34 people having recovered. There were also 17 probably cases, 14 of those recovered. This leaves five active (confirmed and probably) cases that Public Health is still following.

     In terms of the courthouse and county facilities opening for the public, the board voted to open up again by appointment only beginning May 20. Health screenings will continue at the west entrance of the courthouse. The board will revisit the situation in two weeks.

     Brenda Leonard with EMA reported that PPE orders were coming in, especially for local nursing homes and Above & Beyond Home Health.

     “There seems to be a shortage of disposable gowns for hospitals and long-term care facilities,” she said.

     Leonard is also working on lining folks up for the food distribution program so that four weeks’ worth of meals are delivered at once. She said people have been grateful for the food.

     “One person brought up dropping off paper products,” Leonard said. “The (food) grant doesn’t cover that.”

     County Auditor Janine Sulzner serves on the county court security taskforce. She said the committee recently met regarding direction for court to commence in county courthouses. Sulzner thought they would have a final recommendation in the next couple of weeks.

     Sulzner said she is also getting PPE items in for the June 2 primary. Any items left over will be used for the November election.

     The supervisors also took action to lift the county employee travel ban, which was set at a 50-mile radius. Supervisor Wayne Manternach reminded everyone to practice social distancing. Lovaas said people still need to limit their contact with others as much as possible.

     “Just because the malls are open doesn’t mean we should spend a lot of time there,” she warned.

     Leonard said the Governor is still mandating no more than 10 people at a social gathering.


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