County proceeds with Center Junction nuisance hearing

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

Despite the possibility of a lawsuit, per County Attorney Kristofer Lyons’ recommendation, the Jones County Supervisors voted to proceed with a previously scheduled hearing on a nuisance violation. 

During the Sept. 3 supervisor meeting, Land Use Administrator Michele Lubben and Lyons met with the board regarding an on-going nuisance located at 12653 Davenport St. in Center Junction. 

The board set a public hearing on the matter to either speak with the property owner or her lawyer on Tuesday, Sept. 10. 

Lyons notified the lawyer of the hearing date, and received correspondence from the lawyer saying if the county chose to proceed with that date, he would sue. Lyons cited “due-process violations” for the basis of the legal matter. 

The lawyer claims the owner has a doctor’s appointment on Sept. 10, and the lawyer will be in court on a separate matter. 

“But there’s been no progress and the (property) is in the same condition as before,” Lyons noted of the property nuisance. 

The lawyer formally requested the Jones County Supervisors reschedule the hearing date, but Lyons said it’s his recommendation the board stick with their earlier plans to hold the hearing on Sept. 10. 

“You should follow Michele’s (Lubben) lead and not move it,” Lyons firmly said. “This has been going on for quire some time.” 

Lubben said it was a full week after the lawyer was notified of the hearing that he requested the date change. 

Should the board choose to reschedule, they would have to pay to publish notice again in the county newspapers, costing money. 

Lyons said the lawyer told him progress would be made on the nuisance, “but nothing has happened. 

“It’s just more stalling,” he added. “More delay.” 

 In other county business: 

• The board awarded a bid to re-set steps on the east and south side of the courthouse to Affordable Concrete Construction for $40,500. 

The board received three bids, with the highest end at $69,800. 

The project estimate was around $39,000. 

• The board approved the second consideration of a county ordinance to increase the sewer rates for the Fairview Sanitary Sewer System. 

This reading excludes the supper club, as previously reported. 

The new rates take effect Oct. 1. 


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