County P&Z to review sign requirements

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     When visiting with the Jones County Supervisors regarding the upcoming Feb. 13 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, Land Use Administrator Michele Lubben said P&Z planned to review the county’s sign requirements. Of particular interest, she said, are commercial and industrial zoned districts.

     During the Feb. 13 board of supervisor meeting, Lubben said P&Z planned to look at text amendments to the sign ordinance, but no action would be taken at this time.

     “They want to add quarries as a special permitted use within the zoning districts,” she said, for one.

     With the sign requirements, Lubben said several points are being looked at:

     • Signs on multiple buildings on one property.

     • Multiple wall signs on those buildings advertising the same business.

     • Square footage requirements, and letting the property owner decide how to interpret that number, whether one sign with the total square footage, or multiple signs that equal the required square footage.

     “There would be no changes in agriculture and residential,” warned Lubben.

     She said these discussions are mainly to address signage issues that popped up in 2017 in commercial districts in the county.

     “Can owners use the square footage in any combination they want?” proposed Lubben, meaning advertising their business on a pole sign and multiple wall signs as long as the total size didn’t exceed the requirements.

     “We’ll be reviewing this for a few months,” she said.

     Before any final decisions are made, a public hearing will be held.

In other county business:

     Three bids came in for a new tandem axle plow truck cab and chassis. The supervisors approved the lowest bid of $116,100 with a three-year warrantee from GATR Truck Center.

     County Engineer Derek Snead said the estimated delivery date is after July 1.


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