Courthouse access remains appointment-only

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     After a week or so of a lull in COVID-19 cases in Jones County, Public Health Coordinator Jenna Lovaas shared with the county supervisors during their June 9 board meeting that there were two confirmed cases and one probably case.

     Supervisor Ned Rohwedder inquired as to whether Public Health has been able to determine sources of infection for confirmed cases.

     “Yes and no,” replied Lovaas.

     She said for one of the confirmed cases, there isn’t a clear-cut answer as to how the person contracted the virus. The other confirmed case was contracted from a family member.

     In addition to follow-up on the positive cases, Lovaas said her department was working with county school districts on their Return to Learn plans for starting school again in the fall/August.

     “We met with the Anamosa school yesterday (June 8) and we had a very good conversation,” reported Lovaas. “We focused on what (the plan) would look like, things they hadn’t thought about, what’s important to consider, and how students will move through the building.”

     After Supervisors Wayne Manternach and Joe Oswald met with county department heads, the supervisors decided to keep current practices in place in terms of public access to the courthouse. That entails appointment-only access. Manternach said further adjustments could come in the next couple of weeks.

     Oswald added that they may eliminate some of the courthouse-access measures after June 17, the governor’s lift of the public health measures.


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