Courthouse Briefs

Marriage licenses – None 

Marriage dissolutions – Troy A. Bechthold and Shawna M. Bechthold; Stephanie Marie Eagleburger and Dewayne Kent Eagleburger 

Small claims – LVNV Funding LLC vs. Ray James Boots; Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Sara Whitley; Crown Asset Management LLC vs. Lori N. Gibbs; Marcck Properties and Marcck Products Inc. vs. Alexis Nicole Lakose; Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Ashley M. New; LVNV Funding LLC vs. Jeffrey Carstensen; Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Debbie L. Wells 

Resolved – Servicemaster by Rice and AJS of Des Moines, Inc. vs. Sheryl Lynn Warren, against defendant $1,073.41; Michael Wolfe vs. James Michael Rutan II, against defendant Writ of Possession 

Traffic violations 

Speeding – Joshua James Tilley, Iowa City, $80; Christopher Alan Tremel, Madison, Wis., $40; Joshua Edwards, Des Moines, $40; Shawnee June Petersen, Swisher, $40; Kristine Marie Frommelt, Holy Cross, $40; Jacob A. Thomas, Milwaukee, Wis., $40; Juan Carlos Ibarra Castaneda, Cedar Rapids, $40; Brian Dean Denhartog, Dubuque, $20; Jessica Marie Hilger, Olin, $40; Kaitlin Kristine Kitenour, Cedar Rapids, $40; Elizabeth Marie Wren, Monticello, $80; Donald Laverne Bird, Rhinelander, Wis., $40; Harold Eugene Devilbiss, Monticello, $20; Harold Eugene Devilbiss, Monticello, $40; Colin Jacob Goodman, Overland Park, Kan., $40; Dellanne Moore, Center Point, $40; Cody James Bakken, Racine, Wis., $40; Catherine J. Miller, Springfield, N.J., $20; Durene Kay Tabor, Monticello, $40; Cole Lewis Chapman, Anamosa, $20; Levi Jude Burkle, Robins, $40; Clayton Joseph Perry, Mount Pleasant, $80 

No insurance – Sierra Sue Ralston, Anamosa, $250; Beth Ellen Gudenkauf, Wyoming, $250; Lorenza Maria Heiter, Marion, $250; Joshue Eugene Evens, Cedar Rapids, $250 

Failure to carry registration card – Sierra Sue Ralston, Anamosa, $20 

Operation without registration card/plate – Christopher Alan Tremel, Madison, Wis., $50; Joshua Edwards, Des Moines, $50; Abigail Virginia Jaeger, Worthington, $50 

Operating non-registered vehicle – Beth Ellen Gudenkauf, Wyoming, $50 

No valid driver’s license – Jacob A. Thomas, Milwaukee, Wis., $200; Lorenza Maria Heiter, Marion, $200 

Open container-driver 21 years or older – Brittany Ann Knepper, Cedar Rapids, $200 

Littering – Gene Eric Stimpson, Morley, $70; Jared Allen Filter, Cedar Rapids, $70 

Failure to carry/exhibit permit – James Patric Marty, Hazel Green, Wis., $100 

Failure to report harvest of deer/turkey – Jared Allen Filter, Cedar Rapids, $20 

Failure to obey stop sign/yield right of way – Sierra Louise Leif, Mechanicsville, $100 

Expired license – Cole Lewis Chapman, Anamosa, $50 

Failure to stop at stop sign – Abby Rose Manternach, Monticello, $100 

Civil cases – LACV006857 Discover Bank vs. Glenda S. Ross; LACV006860 Onemain Financial Group, LLC vs. Lisa A. Adams; DRCV006858 Chad Michael Petersen vs. Jessica Lynn Harford 


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