Courthouse Briefs

Marriage licenses – Cynthia Ann Claybough and Steven Joseph Chapman, both of Anamosa 

Marriage dissolutions – Brett Allan Kirby and Renee Michelle Kirby 

Small claims – Citizens State Bank vs. Loretta Kay Clary; Anna M. O’Neal vs. Brittany L. McCauley; KMB Property Management vs. Nicole Leanna Lange (x2) 

Resolved – Onemain Financial Group, LLC vs. Chelsae Heather Wagner, dismissed; Marcck Products Inc. and Marcck Properties vs. Alexis Nicole Lakose, dismissed 

Traffic violations 

Speeding – Jennifer B. Woods, Coggon, $40; Maya Manuella Pizano, Dubuque, $40; Keith Patrick Luebrecht, Monticello, $40; Joyce Lee Haferbier, Oxford Junction, $40; Tiffany Laurel Hinkle, Cedar Rapids, $80; Kaylee Marie Desotel, Anamosa, $40; Jesus Muir Garcia, Marion, $20; Luann Mary Mausser, Cedar Rapids, $40; Kirsten Leigh Peterson, Marion, $80; James A. Benter, Monticello, $40; Cody James Bakken, Racine, Wis., $40; Muataz Abdelgadir Elhag, Milwaukee, Wis., $80; Shay Lynn Helgens, Monticello, $40;Randall Charles Krejci, Cedar Rapids, $135; Robert Paul Stoll, Cascade, $40; Linda Jean Carr, Cascade, $20; Mary Kathryn Fisher, Wellman, $40; Lily Ann Rogers, Anamosa, $10; Peggy Elizabeth Young, Scotch Grove, $10; Jesse David Iben, Monticello, $40; Jonathan Paul Charles Hudik, Dubuque, $40 

Registration violation – Grover Jay Quinn, Jr., Oxford Junction, $20 

Minor using tobacco/vapor product – Aaron James Hynick, New Sharon, $50 

Operation without registration card/plate – Logan Timothy Dunwoody, Dubuque, $50 

Expired driver’s license – Kelley Sue McNamara, Anamosa, $50 

Failure to carry registration card – John Paul Banker, Richland Center, Wis., $20 

Failure to maintain control – Daxton Jerel Eugene Beard, Anamosa, $100; Saipele F. Siafuafu, Kennewick, Wash., $100 

Violation of conditions of minor’s school license – Caden Michael Thies, Monticello, $50 

Failure to obey traffic control device – Casey John Heims, Anamosa, $100 

Open container-driver – Jesse David Iben, Monticello, $50 

Failure to stop at stop sign – Adam Michael Watson, Dubuque, $100 

Civil cases – EQCV006862 Caliber Homes Loans Inc. vs. Cavalry SPV I LLC, Hauge Associates Inc., Ashley M. New, Parties in Possession, and Spouse of Ashley New; DRCV006863 State of Iowa Ex Rel vs. Krystina Lynn Lafler and Michael William Serbousek 


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