Courthouse Briefs

Marriage licenses – Alexandra Nicole Ramirez and Alexis Sofia Hoggins, both of Anamosa; Nilan Allen Lansing and Victoria Christine Forrester, both of Mount Vernon; Nikki Marie Coyle and Ronald Lee Bartlett, both of Anamosa

Marriage dissolutions – Rachel Renee Baca and Rudy James Padilla

Small claims – Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Lee S. Batcheller; Lasso E RV Inc. and Russell Ray Engelbart vs. Karen DeJoode

                  Resolved – SNS Mudjacking vs. Delancey Electric, against defendant $103.50; Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Joseph Engler, against defendant $4,182.45; H&R Accounts Inc. vs. Robert Edward Strickell, against defendant $904.34

Traffic violations

                  Speeding – Drake Jared Klemme, Tipton, $40; Willie Vinita Pope, Milwaukee, Wis., $40; Amy Christina Barta, Anamosa, $20; Brooke Taylor Lundgren, Monticello, $40; Russell Henry Henkel, Dubuque, $40; Jennifer Catherine Glover, Hiawatha, $40; Ryan Justin Ulferts, Anamosa, $40; Chad Everett Rohdy, Anamosa, $40; Jocelyn Christina Kyte, Bettendorf, $40; Nicholas Edward Williams, Lisbon, $40; Thomas D. Darrow, Monticello, $20; Caleb John Westphal, Monticello, $20; Ryan J. Gray, Anamosa, $40

                  Depositing/throwing litter on highway – Raymond Richard Kurt, Cascade, $70

                  Operation without registration card/plate – Kori Lynn McDaniel, Wyoming, $50

                  Using a hand-held mobile phone while operating a CMV – Adam James Sackett, Belle Plaine, $50

                  No seatbelt – Shelby Lynn Alexander, Monroe, $50

                  Fishing/hunting-failure to carry/display license – Richard Lee Henak, Oxford Junction, $20

                  Failure to yield upon left turn – Madison Rae Strausser, Anamosa, $100

                  Failure to give continuous turn signal – Kaylee Marie DeSotel, Anamosa, $35

                  Expired annual inspection – Daniel Alan Meggers, Solon, $50

                  No logbook when required – Michael Paul Schlobohm, Deerfield, Wis., $50

Civil cases – EQCV006244 Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company vs. Shannon R. Petersen, Spouse of Shannon R. Petersen, and Parties in Possession


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